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This article is about the soundtrack of The Legend of Korra. For other similar uses, see Soundtrack.

"Best score on TV: Legend of Korra. Clever stylistic mash-ups, great orchestration & luscious melodies. The sound is fantastic too. So artfully done and helps create such a believable world. Congrats Jeremy Zuckerman & Ben Wynn!"
— Bear McCreary, composer (Battlestar Galactica, The Walking Dead).[1]

The Legend of Korra Original Music From Book One
The soundtrack's cover features a special design of Avatar Korra.
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The Legend of Korra: Original Music From Book One is a soundtrack that includes much of the music composed by Jeremy Zuckerman and mixed by Benjamin Wynn for Book One of The Legend of Korra. Released digitally and in stores on July 16, 2013, by Nickelodeon and Sony Music Entertainment's Legacy Recordings, Original Music From Book One features twenty-six instrumental tracks from the series.[2]

Production history

For nine years, Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko had struggled to create a soundtrack for Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, a "bureaucratic impasse" having kept them from reaching this goal despite numerous online petitions with thousands of signatures for the release of an Avatar soundtrack. Cooperation with Nickelodeon as well as with people outside of the company resulted in plans for the first-ever Avatar soundtrack, The Legend of Korra: Original Music From Book One, with most or all of the tracks having already been produced and recorded for use in the series.[2]


The soundtrack has been described as jazz, but as if it were stylized in 1920s-era China. Its tone has been described as being more mature and unique from the soundtrack of Avatar: The Last Airbender. The Track Team wanted a more in-depth exploration of instruments and as a result, the music is a little more sparse in the number of instruments playing at once.[3] The new soundtrack takes advantage of Eastern and Western live instruments, digital sound design, and Chinese instrumentalist Hong Wang, who is proficient in over twenty ethnic instruments.[4]


There are twenty-six tracks on The Legend of Korra: Original Music From Book One, all of which were composed by Jeremy Zuckerman of The Track Team.[5]

  1. "Prologue"
  2. "Air Tight"
  3. "In a Box"
  4. "An Impossible Crime"
  5. "Being Patient" / "Beifong's Sacrifice"
  6. "Asami and Mako Dine"
  7. "On the Lam"
  8. "Hittin' on All Sixes"
  9. "Good Ol' Days"
  10. "Before"
  11. "Fresh Air"
  12. "Korra Confronts Tarrlok"
  13. "Squeaky Rags"
  14. "Amon"
  15. "Chi Blockers"
  16. "A Peaceful Place"
  17. "Left My Heart in Republic City"
  18. "Firebending Training"
  19. "Wheels"
  20. "Republic City Under Attack"
  21. "Hardboiled... Afraid (Separate Ways)"
  22. "War"
  23. "Asami And Hiroshi" / "Korra Airbends"
  24. "Greatest Change"
  25. "The Legend of Korra End Credits"
  26. "The Legend of Korra Main Title"


July 16, 2013 saw an overwhelmingly successful release for Original Music From Book One, taking the number one spot on Amazon's soundtrack bestseller list and the number five spot on the pop music charts.[6]


The Legend of Korra: Original Music From Book One received mostly positive reviews from critics. called it a "fascinating listen, even without the story line," citing the unique mix of predominantly Asian instruments and other sound effects as a highlight of the album.[7]


  • The track "Before" is played throughout the Legend of Korra Book Two trailer.
  • Although many variations of the song "The Rally", which was released by The Track Team in 2012, are evident in the tracks of the soundtrack, the actual song itself is not included in the playlist.


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