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Book 1 Collector's Edition

The cover of the Collector's Edition of The Complete Book 1 Collection features Aang.

The Complete Book 1 Collection (Collector's Edition) is a seven-disc limited collector's edition which includes the entire Book One: Water compilation. It includes several bonus features: an exclusive behind-the scenes documentary, and a special preview edition of the now released Avatar: The Last Airbender—The Art of the Animated Series.


Book 1: Water; Disc 1

Book 1: Water; Disc 2

Book 1: Water; Disc 3

Book 1: Water; Disc 4

Book 1: Water; Disc 5

Book 1: Water; Disc 6 (extras)

  • Behind the Scenes with the Avatar Crew & Cast
  • Avatar Pilot Episode (with audio commentary)
  • The Making of Avatar - Inside the Korean Sound Studios
  • The Making of Avatar - Inside the Korean Animation Studios

Collector's Edition Special Disc 7

  • 32 Minute Special Interview with the Avatar Creators

Avatar the Art of the Animated Series

(Special forty-seven page preview edition)

  • Introduction
  • The Air Nomads (pages seven to sixteen)
  • The Water Tribe (pages seventeen to twenty-six)
  • The Earth Kingdom (pages twenty-seven to thirty-seven)
  • The Fire Nation (pages thirty-seven to forty-seven)

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