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Iroh and Earth Kingdom children Admit mistakes when they occur and seek to restore honor.

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"The Calling" is the fourth episode of Book Four: Balance of The Legend of Korra and the 43rd of the overall series. It was released online on and through the Nick app on October 24, 2014, and aired on Nicktoons Network on December 5, 2014.


Tenzin asks his children to travel from Air Temple Island to look for Korra, as he is needed in Republic City to deal with the "Kuvira issue". Surprisingly, Jinora has a difficult time locating Korra's spiritual energy, and the lack of progress causes tensions to run high between the siblings. After befriending a couple of soldiers after being captured, Ikki is saved by Meelo and Jinora and they head to the swamp. Meanwhile, Korra is still having difficulty facing her past, and Toph takes her to the banyan-grove tree. There, Korra is able to locate the airbenders, who had been pulled into the swamp by vines. They reunite, and in Toph's home, Korra is finally able to remove the remaining mercury from her body and access the Avatar State.


Pema talking to Meelo

Pema explains to Meelo that sometimes things get smudged in the wild in order to get him to accept a sweet bun that had its happy face smeared.

On Air Temple Island, Meelo and Ikki are preparing Pepper; while Ikki is putting some of their luggage away on the flying bison's saddle, Meelo airbends two bags on the bison, one of which hits his sister in the face, prompting her to chase him. Meanwhile, a worried Pema asks Tenzin if there really is no way he could accompany them, though he reiterates that he cannot, since President Raiko had asked him to stay behind and help find a diplomatic solution for Kuvira's actions. Overhearing her parents conversation, Ikki tries to ensure her mother that they will be fine, referring to Aang and his friends, who had been around her and her sibling's ages when they had been traveling the world. In turn, Pema tries to reassure herself that her children will at least not starve to death as she had prepared a large bag of food for them to take along on their journey. However, Meelo is quick to reject the provisions, declaring that they have no need for it as they are going to be living off the land. When Pema reveals that she has also prepared his favorite snacks, sweet buns with happy faces, Meelo quickly drops his attitude and accepts the food. Opening one of the wrapped sweet buns, however, he discovers that the happy face has been smudged and promptly declares it inedible. Nonetheless, after Pema tells him that such things happen in the wild, the bag is loaded upon Pepper's saddle by Jinora. While Pema hugs Meelo and Ikki goodbye, Jinora embraces her father. Tenzin inquires if she had been able to get a read on Korra's spiritual energy. Although Jinora has to admit that she had yet to succeed to do that, she assures her father that is certain that she will once they were on their way, claiming they will be able to track Korra down within a few days. After hugging her mother goodbye, Jinora seats herself atop Pepper's head, taking the reins, while her two eldest siblings sit on the saddle. When Tenzin wishes them luck and reminds Meelo and Ikki that Jinora is in charge, Meelo denounces her authority and orders them all to move out, prompting Jinora to sigh at his antics and merely urge Pepper to take to the sky. Watching them all take off, Tenzin hugs Pema in comfort.

Jinora telling her siblings off

Jinora tries to locate Korra's spiritual energy, but is constantly disturbed by her siblings.

As the siblings make a first stop at a stupa atop a mountain near a village, Meelo thankfully uses the opportunity to go to the bathroom. Jinora finds herself a spot to start meditating, though her concentration is instantly broken when Ikki tells her to say hi to Korra for her if she manages to reach the Avatar. Seconds later, she inquires if Jinora has been able to make contact, before angrily asking what is taking so long. Irritated, Jinora tells her younger sister that she cannot concentrate due to her talking and sends her off to go play with some resident spirits before continuing to meditate. Ikki sighs in defeat and informs her brother upon his return that Jinora's "spirity powers" are broken, rendering her unable to track down the Avatar. Hearing that, Jinora snaps at her powers are not broken, but that she merely needs some quiet time to concentrate. Uninterested, Meelo announces that he and Poki will venture into the nearby Earth Kingdom town to ask around for Korra, while Jinora continues to meditate. Ikki readily agrees that it sounds like a good plan. However, Meelo tells her to be silent, minimizing her help to carrying the picture of Korra he had drawn. Taking in the lifelike portrait of the Avatar, Ikki comments that she never knew he could draw, receiving the answer that there are a lot of things she does not know about her brother.

In town, Meelo asks an old woman, among others, if she has seen Korra, guiding her attention to the drawing Ikki is holding. The woman has no eyes for the drawing, however, and merely comments how "adorable" Meelo is. As Meelo corrects her that he is dangerous instead, she labels him "dangerously cute" due to his cheeks and pinches them before leaving. Embarrassed, Meelo orders his sister to forget about the encounter and the two siblings split to cover more ground. Their search turns out fruitless and the three siblings move on to the next town, where a man wonders if they even still have an Avatar as he has not seen one in a long time.

Tuyen and Meelo

Meelo is instantly infatuated with Tuyen, whom he describes as the "love of [his] life".

During one of their searches, Meelo finds a young girl selling flowers to passersby. Soaring down from the roof he is on, he lands near her and asks if she can be trusted. Receiving a positive answer, he leans toward her in a conspiring manner and whispers that he is on a top secret mission to locate the Avatar, inquiring if the girl has seen her. Although she has not, the girl is impressed by his quest, leading Meelo to brag about the dangerous and crazy things he has encountered. He introduces himself and asked in a flirtatious manner how he can call her besides "beautiful". As the girl introduces herself as Tuyen, Ikki interrupts them, chanting in a teasing manner that "Meelo found a girlfriend". Although he yells at her to leave, she approaches them and reveals that Jinora has been looking for him as they are moving on to the next town. Since Meelo needs to leave, Tuyen offers him a flower and wishes him good luck on his mission before leaving herself, caressing his head as she passes. Meelo momentarily stares after her with a lovestruck expression before rounding on his sister, blaming her for chasing away the "love of [his] life".

The trio makes their way to a small fishing town, where they repeat their routine. As Meelo saunters past a fishing shop, he notices a pictured of Korra hanging on the wall and excitedly calls for his sisters. Ikki enthusiastically comes running, though is left disappointed when Jinora dismisses the finding as "just a photo", prompting an offended Meelo to defend it by pointing out that it is at least something. When the fishmonger says that Korra came by about six months prior, Meelo smugly turns to his sisters and added that he drummed up a "good old-fashioned lead". When the fishmonger tells the siblings that he does not know where Korra went after posing for the picture, Meelo rounds on his sisters, blaming them for not pulling their weight on their missing. As he storms off, Ikki asks Jinora if she also recalls when Meelo had been "nice and sweet", though Jinora was unable to remember such a time.

Bored Korra and relaxing Toph

With nothing concrete to do, Korra grows restless.

Two days after meeting Toph in the Foggy Swamp and doing nothing, Korra grows restless and asks a relaxing Toph what the plan is for that day. When the elder hints that they will not be doing anything that day either, Korra does not care for that plan and asks Toph to retell the tale of how she taught Aang to earthbend. Toph dismisses the question, noting there was no story there, since she merely "threw some rocks at the Avatar, he got all whiny, and Sokka fell in a hole". Surprised, Korra notes that she thought there would be more to it. Undeterred, she asks to hear the story of how the old Team Avatar had taken down the Fire Lord, musing that it must have been epic, though Toph once again relayed the story in a few sentences, saying that "it was hot. [She] was on a blimp. And [she thought] a giant turtle showed up." As Korra labels the woman terrible at telling stories, Toph quickly defends herself by declaring Korra to be terrible at listening to them. As Toph resumes her relaxing, the bored Avatar starts tapping her foot on the ground. Irritated, the elderly earthbender raises the earth underneath Korra's feet to stop the tapping and sends her away to collect mushrooms for their dinner, giving her directions as to where to go, as well as her preference for the Avatar to bring back slimy ones, deeming them to be the tastiest.

Trapped Ikki

Ikki is captured by two of Kuvira's soldiers, who believed she was there to spy on Earth Empire activities.

Meanwhile, the three airbenders move to another location. There, while Jinora was meditating, Ikki asks Meelo where was the food their mother had given to them and he answers that he had thrown it in the river. Ikki angrily tells him that food supposed to last them for two weeks. Jinora interrupts them asking to keep it down so that she could meditate and Meelo agrees with her, telling Ikki to keep it down. Ikki repeats that Meelo had thrown away their food, but Meelo says that from now on, they would hunt for their meals, but Ikki reminds him they were vegetarians and they do not hunt for their food. Meelo ignores them saying that Poki and he would go find some food and Ikki gives a loud scream before leaving. Frustrated, she walks around the forest, imitating her siblings. Ikki airbends at a bush and scares a small sugar glider which was holding a berry. It drops the berry and runs away, climbing a tree. Ikki picks the berry up and follows it saying that it forgot its breakfast. She hits at a tree and falls down. The animal returns and licks squished berry off Ikki's face, cementing their friendship. Suddenly, two outpost soldiers from the Earth Empire appear telling Ikki he was trespassing and that they are after her. The first soldier attacks Ikki, and although she is initially able to avoid his attacks, she is eventually caught.

Outpost soldiers

The outpost soldiers decide to kidnap Ikki and her siblings and take them to Kuvira.

The two soldiers take Ikki to their house and tie her up. They ask her what she was doing in the Earth Empire and if she was a spy. She explained them that she had been traveling with her brother and sister for their first big mission and that her dad, Tenzin, counted on them and he would be really disappointed, if they did not find the Avatar. The first soldier takes the second one to talk privately in the other corner of the house. He explains him who was that girl and what he was doing there. He comes up with the idea to capture the three children and bring them to Kuvira in order to take a big promotion and get out of that "dump". The second one agrees and they return to Ikki. They apologize and ask her politely where was their campsite. Ikki wonders why they wanted to know and they tell her that they wanted the family get back together. They suggest everybody to sit down and have some macaroons. Ikki asks where they had got them and they answer they had found a whole sack of food down by the river with a loving note written by Pema. Ikki says her mom had written the note and that sack was theirs. The first solider interrupts them and asks Ikki where was her siblings. She answers that she did not care where they were and that she did not want to see them, but instead, she would rather hang out with them.

In the Foggy Swamp, Korra, while she is walking in the forest, she experiences visions of Amon, when he took her bending, then Unalaq when he removed Raava from her spirit and finally Zaheer and Red Lotus, when they poisoned her. Her visions make her fall down in fear.

Annoyed Meelo and Jinora

Jinora grows annoyed with Meelo as he kept on insisting that finding Korra was solely his mission.

Back with the young airbenders, while Jinora is meditating, Meelo and Poki return and the boy holds a sack with his other hand his stomach. Jinora asks him if he was okay and Meelo tells her that he was totally fine. He continues saying they had found some berries. Poki throws up and Meelo "joins" him. Jinora figures out the berries were bad, but Meelo disagrees, adding that he had eaten so many of them because they were delicious. She ignores him, asking if he had seen Ikki when he was picking his poisonous berries, but Meelo answers negative. He asks her if she had run away, and adds that mission was getting worse by the day. She reminds him it was not only his mission, but something they should do it as a family.

Ikki searches for Korra

Having befriended Kuvira's soldiers, Ikki enlists their help to track down Korra.

At the soldiers' house, Ikki tells the soldiers it seemed so lonely out there and asks where everybody had been. The first soldier denies to answer, but the second one, explains that he was upset because Kuvira had taken all the troops to Zaofu and they had to stay there. The first soldier adds that the whole empire would be united and he was sure a huge party would take place afterward. Ikki agrees, saying it was hard to be left and that she knew exactly what they were going through, because her brother and sister treat her in a similar way. She brings as an example the fact that they do not let her help find the Avatar. The second soldier agrees with her and he suggests to help her. He shows her map asking her where they had looked for. She explains that they had been traveling down the west coast and that the only lead they had was a guy who said he had seen her six months prior. The first soldier tells her that there were troops everywhere and if anyone had seen her, it would be reported. She asks about the Swamp and he tells her that no one goes there. The second soldier says Ikki she was good-hearted and a valuable member of the team and then, he is going to untie her. Suddenly, Meelo breaks the house's door and him and Jinora attack the two soldiers, who are blasted against the wall and knocked unconscious. Meelo tells Ikki she was welcome, but she asks them why they had done it. Jinora answers they were saving her and tells them to go, but Ikki tells her she had everything under control. She had found their food and had an idea where Korra was. Jinora insists they should go, but Ikki tells her she had to do something first. She thanks the two soldiers for the conversation and leaves them two sweet buns on their knees.

Toph helping Korra

Toph helps Korra to realize that she needs to let go of her fears of her past enemies.

At the Foggy Swamp, Toph finds Korra sitting alone and asks her if she had got her dinner. Korra answers negative, adding that the Swamp had done crazy things to her mind. She ends saying she had had visions of all the times her enemies had hurt her. Toph says she thought something like that would happen, much to Korra's displeasure. She asks Toph if she wanted her to see those visions, adding she was a twisted old lady. Toph explains that she knew she wanted to get better, like the Swamp, which could send you out of balance and teach you what you need to learn if you are open to listening. She continues asking Korra why did she think she saw her past enemies. Korra tells her that she saw them because they had made her and a lot of other people suffer. Toph figures out she was carrying her former enemies, the same way she was still carrying the poison. She continues asking Korra if she had ever considered she could learn from them. She proceeds by pointing out that Amon wanted equality for all, Unalaq had brought back the spirits, and Zaheer believed in freedom, but the problem was that they were out of balance and took their ideologies too far. Korra wonders why they kept haunting her and Toph tells her that she needed to face her fears. Korra agrees but asks how she was supposed to move on. Toph says that those Avatars needed a lot of hand-holding and tells her to follow her to the banyan-grove tree.

The three airbenders fly over the Foggy Swamp where Ikki explains to her siblings that her captors remareded there were no troops stationed there and she had figured that Korra might had come to that spiritual place to get better. Jinora agrees that there is a lot of spiritual energy but she did not feel Korra. Ikki insists that they had just come and had to look around but Jinora believes they would not find Korra there. Suddenly, some vines grab Pepper and slam her against the river. Immediately, the airbenders attack the vines and manage to free their sky bison. Meelo wonders why the vines had brought them there and Ikki answers that they wanted them there and she was sure Korra was close. Jinora is still skeptical about this saying could not sense Korra, but Ikki retorts that she never sensed Korra the entire time they had been looking for her. Her anger grows when Meelo states that the next time he is sent on a mission it would only be him and Poki.

Ikki, Jinora, and Meelo

Despite their differences during their quest, Ikki, Jinora, and Meelo agreed with each other that they had only found Korra due to working together as a team.

Meanwhile, Toph brings Korra to the banyan-grove tree and Korra says the place is beautiful. Toph explains her that the roots of the tree spread out from miles in every direction, connecting that whole swamp. Toph continues by saying Korra's problem is she has been disconnected for too long, from the people who love her and from herself. Korra touches the tree, connecting to the swamp and she sees the three airbenders arguing. Because of Korra's connection, Jinora senses her and tells her siblings she knows where she is. Korra tells Toph she had seen them, too, and Toph answers they were hopefully here to take her home. The airbenders fly to the tree and greet Korra. They leave Pepper and fly with their wingsuits to her and Korra starts to cry. They all hug and Ikki tells her she had missed her very much and Korra says she had missed them too. She asks them how they had found her and Ikki tells Jinora had sensed her energy, but Jinora tells they would had never been there without Ikki and Ikki adds she would never be hunted by those soldiers if it was not for Meelo, but he tells her it was a team effort and Ikki ends saying she loved her hair. Toph hawks and Korra introduces her the three airbenders, saying they were Aang and Katara's grandchildren. Toph tells them their grandfather was a pain in the butt, and Meelo recognizes her from her appearance and character. Jinora tells Korra she has to come home because Kuvira has taken over the Earth Kingdom, and Ikki adds she had to stop her. Korra is hesitant, telling them she is not the Avatar she used to be and she could not even reach the Avatar State. The children argue that the world needs her back.

Korra bends mercury

Letting go of the trauma of her past, Korra is able to bend the mercury out of her body, relieving her mental block.

The five of them go to Toph's tree and Toph tells Korra she is not going to bend the poison out of her; Korra has to do it on her own. Korra agrees and Toph tells her close her eyes, clear her mind, and not to freak out like the last time. Despite getting the visions again, Korra successfully removes the remaining poison from her body and Toph traps it in a globe of earth, sealing it away. Moments later, Korra enters the Avatar State, with the children cheering her on. Korra thanks Toph for helping and asks if she could give her a hug. Toph agrees, saying that Korra earned it. Korra and the three airbenders mount Pepper and say goodbye to Toph, who goes back into her house, happy to have her peace and quiet back.


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Main article: Writing in the World of Avatar

Series continuity

Character revelations

  • Kuvira and her troops are headed toward Zaofu, with the intention of conquering it.
  • Korra is able to enter the Avatar State again after bending out the residual mercury in her body.
  • Meelo is a skilled artist, able to make detailed and lifelike portraits of people, such as Korra.


  • When the sugar glider starts licking the food off Ikki's face after she crash-landed, the membranes of her wingsuit are folded, although she never snapped them shut. When she starts running from the two outpost soldiers, they are out again, but are folded back in when she is trapped inside an earth mouth.
  • While Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo embrace Korra, the membranes of their wingsuits are still deployed, but when they pull back, the wings are folded against their bodies.

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