Who Writes this Stuff?

Actually, this article is completely unsourced, so I don't even know where to put this:

Particularly this paragraph: "While we were working on Book 1 of Korra, Bryan and I pitched a TV movie version of the search for Zuko’s mom to Nickelodeon...Around the same time, Dark Horse wanted to publish ongoing stories with Aang and Zuko, so we started working with the writer Gene Yang to develop new adventures...I spoke with Gene Yang about some of the ideas we had, and he took those ideas even further, which inspired some other story developments. It was a collaborative back and forth and Gene did a terrific job with the scripts. I’m proud of the books and I think it does Zuko and Ursa’s story justice."Neo Bahamut (wallcontribs) 02:12, April 2, 2013 (UTC)