I just wanted to converse about a so called "Goof Up," as you can see i dont agree with it.

On the Promise Part 3 page a listed Goof up is "On page fifty four, Toph remarks that Penga's "spinny helmet trick," was way more impressive up close, yet sinceToph is blind she would not have been able to see the trick." I feel as if this is not at all a Goof up, i think after all the "Toph is Blind, she cant physicly see jokes," in the Promise they woudnt make a mistake about it. Throughout the Triligy a prominent subject is the senseing of metal, and qouting Toph in season two "I can see, but i dont see like most do," I think she means that the vibrations are greater when she is near in her version of sight, another possibility is shes just being kind to her student. And the last possibility is that she making a sarcastic remark, i just definetly dont feel its a goof up.AvatarGoku (wallcontribs) 03:56, October 1, 2012 (UTC)AvatarGoku.