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Original Air Date

Since the episode was first shown at the Korra panel at NYCC on October 9th, wouldn't that count as the original air date? Soren7550 (wallcontribs) 22:56, October 10, 2014 (UTC)

Trivia edits

Recently I added small trivia regarding Korra/Zuko parallels, but it was removed.

  • When Korra threw her Water Tribe armband into the water, it was also reminiscent of Zuko throwing his Blue Spirit mask in the episode "Lake Laogai".

"Not sure what the parallel is supposed to be there"

Then what's the parallel here?:

  • Korra cutting off her ponytails is also reminiscent of Zuko and Iroh's actions when they became fugitives from the Fire Nation and cut their hair to symbolize this.

Is she abandoning her tribe? Is she denying her past? To be honest I'm not completely sure yet, maybe she wants to start over, or maybe these are just nods. But to me, both represent the same. Yes, there are people looking for her and she doesn't want to be found, but she's not a fugitive.

  • After Korra is beaten she has a bruise in her left eye, mimicking Zuko's scar.

"Not really, Zuko's scar became permanent and symbolic, the bruise is more likely to heal"

Again, it's just a nod to Zuko. The fact it'll heal has nothing to do with it. I highly doubt they didn't do it on purpose.

DarioEMeloD (wallcontribs) 17:48, October 21, 2014 (UTC)

So... can I add them back or something? DarioEMeloD (wallcontribs) 01:18, October 24, 2014 (UTC)
Since I reverted the edit, I'll answer:
The first point, I was not sure what the significance was. Zuko was removing a significant part of his own character, while Korra was just removing a couple of accessories. On the other hand, removing top-knots/braids could be seen as similar to one another in the act alone - they both abandoned their hair to be less identifiable in any old location; Korra was certainly not recognizable (beyond "you look like that Avatar girl") in a physical sense.
As for the second, we don't know for sure if that was a nod to Zuko, again, especially, because it was a non-permanent bruise. She had several injuries to her body which she could work on healing. Along with that, Zuko's scar is far more symbolic, it went on to represent an internal struggle with himself that spanned large portions of the series. I don't see how a black eye is a nod to that; unless an official source states it was intended to be a nod, it'd be better off left off the page as it's speculative. PSUAvatar14 Want to have a word? Katarasprite1Ty Lee KW 01:24, October 24, 2014 (UTC)