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This article is about the Fire Nation constable. For the Earth Kingdom general, see Sung.

Sung was a constable in the Fire Nation domestic forces who was tasked by Fire Lord Zuko to lead the investigation of Tom-Tom's kidnapping.[1]


Sometime during the final stages of the Hundred Year War, Sung and his wife had a son named Guri.

Shortly before Yu Dao's inaugural celebration, Sung was tasked by Fire Lord Zuko to lead the investigation of Tom-Tom's abduction and was present in the Fire Nation Royal Palace alongside Zuko, Mai, and Kei Lo when Avatar Aang arrived to offer his assistance. He bowed to the young Avatar as a sign of respect and promptly informed him about several sightings of dark spirits in the Fire Nation Capital, noting that Tom-Tom was the only child reported missing.

After Ukano barged into the meeting room to demand action from Zuko, Sung offered to assemble a task force in order to combat dark spirits. Per Zuko's orders, Sung escorted Ukano off the palace grounds and the two briefly conversed in the process. Sung remarked how unimaginable the situation was for Ukano, but ensured him that he and his men would find the culprits behind Tom-Tom's disappearance.

That night, Sung went home to his wife and began to recall how he met a man who had his son abducted but was alarmed to hear footsteps coming from Guri's room. Concerned, Sung and his wife ran to their child's room where they encountered the Kemurikage. He demanded for the spirits to release his son and subsequently attacked them when they refused to comply. However, the intruders promptly knocked him down with a lamp and departed in a cloud of smoke, much to his and his wife's dismay.

Sung immediately convened with his officers who informed him about a sharp increase in the number of child abductions within the past few hours. Alarmed, he went to the Fire Nation Royal Palace to inform Zuko but was distraught to find out that he was nowhere to be found. Having realized that he was wrong to wait for the Fire Lord's official orders, Sung went to Ukano's home and apologized for dismissing the latter's concerns earlier, remarking that they needed to take immediate action. To this end, Sung instituted a mandatory curfew and enlisted the help of the Safe Nation Society, a volunteer militia. These actions resulted in his suspension.[1]


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