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The storyteller made a living for himself and his great-grandfather by telling fantastical tales to nomads who passed by his campsite. Among these wandering customers was Team Avatar.[1]


Taking a break from their journey toward the Northern Water Tribe, Katara, Sokka, and Avatar Aang gathered around a campfire with several other people to listen to the storyteller's narration of his great-grandfather's experience. According to the storyteller, his ancestor spotted what the storyteller described as "air-walkers" and compared them to large, talking birds. He warned his listeners not to mistake one of them for a simple bird, but to check if it was a member of the secret society of "air-walkers", who had no regard for gravity, and laughed at those "bound to the earth by it".

Upon finishing his tale, the storyteller removed his cap and collected his payment from the wanderers. Sokka emptied his pockets to offer his share, but had none to give, leading the storyteller to think of the children as cheapskates. Momo had noticed that a coin had fallen from the hat as the storyteller was talking to Sokka, politely picked it up, and put it back in the hat, to which the storyteller thanked Momo. When Aang commented on how long it must have been since his ancestor had seen these "air-walkers", the storyteller responded that the sighting had in fact occurred only a week prior to their meeting.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book One: Water (水)


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