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This page is about the animal dwelling in Forgetful Valley. For the animal that Korra encountered in the Foggy Swamp, see frog squirrel.

The squirrel toad is a small hybrid amphibian with the body of a toad and the tail of a squirrel. It dwells in the Forgetful Valley and was pointed out by Sokka during Team Avatar's travels through the forest as one of the entities that had markings similar to a face.[1]


The squirrel toad has pale yellow-colored skin and a brown back. A lightly-colored smiling face runs over the entirety of its back when influenced by the Mother of Faces, and at the end of its body dangles a fluffy, brown tail. It has webbed feet, a relatively large mouth that covers the width of its face, and two large, yellow eyes.


As implied in the name, the animal is a cross between the squirrel and the toad. Squirrels are a common mammal often found traversing tree branches, whereas toads are amphibians in the order Anura, characterized by their dry, leathery skin, short legs, and snout-like parotoid glands. Toads are commonly found in forests and dry places.


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