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This Southern Water Tribe girl resided in the Southern Water Tribe and grew to admire Aang's presence in the village, along with several other children.[1]


After Katara and Sokka brought Aang to their village and introduced him to the members of the tribe, this young Water Tribe girl and the other children of the tribe were fascinated by the Avatar's airbending skill and amused by his childish antics. Aang charmed the children through displays of his gliding abilities and allowed them to take turns riding Appa's tail like a slide.[2]

Trouble arose when the Avatar unknowingly set off a tripwire on an abandoned shipwreck, consequently releasing a flare that revealed his whereabouts to a Fire Nation prince named Zuko. Upon arrival at the village outskirts, Aang was met with cheers from the young girl and her friends and cold reception from the elders. Eventually, after an argument concerning the safety of the village now being exposed to the Fire Nation, Aang was banished from the Southern Water Tribe. Before he departed on Appa, the young girl let out a loud cry, broke free from the crowd of villagers and ran up to him. Eyes glistening with tears, she pleaded Aang not to leave her and the children behind, stating he would be missed. Aang replied, "I'll miss you, too", before leading his bison away. Depressed upon seeing the Avatar leave, she sighed and trudged away in the snow.

Shortly afterward, the Southern Water Tribe was attacked by Zuko, forcing the young girl to seek safety from the assault. She, along with the other villagers, huddled together as the prince searched for the Avatar. Despite his banishment, Aang returned to the village on an otter penguin to confront Zuko, knowing he was the prince's target. The children shouted joyfully at his arrival, despite being coated with snow in the process. They were quick, however, to retreat when Zuko unleashed a firebending attack that nearly harmed the young girl and the others. It was seeing their terrified reaction that forced Aang to surrender himself to Zuko. The young girl witnessed his capture and imprisonment.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book One: Water (水)