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Sokka, the Sword Master cover

The cover features Sokka holding his meteorite sword with Team Avatar and Piandao's castle in the background.

Sokka, the Sword Master (ISBN 978-1-4169-5491-0) is a literary adaptation of the episode "Sokka's Master".


When Sokka feels bad that he is not a master of anything unlike Aang the Avatar, Toph the earthbender, and his own sister Katara the waterbender, he decides to master the sword. Disguising himself as a citizen of the Fire Nation, Sokka convinces Piandao, the master Fire Nation swordsman, to teach him the art. Piandao puts him through a series of exercises in order to prove himself, and eventually, Sokka is deemed a worthy sword master, but when he suddenly confesses to being from the Water Tribe, an angry Piandao challenges him to a duel.

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