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The term "Snowmobile" has not been confirmed by official sources.


Tonraq rode one of the single model snowmobiles to the South Pole.

A snowmobile is a motorized vehicle designed for travel across a snowy landscape.

During Avatar Korra's journey to open the spirit portal at the South Pole, Tonraq and Bolin both rode snowmobiles. Bolin's snowmobile, provided by Varrick, came with a sidecar, which was used to transport Desna and Eska. Midway through the journey, however, dark spirits attacked. One of them entered Bolin's snowmobile, tampering with the engine and causing the vehicle to take off out of control.[1]

Days later, several Southerners tried to capture and assassinate Chief Unalaq during the night. One of the rebels used a snowmobile in an attempt to escape Korra, though to no avail, as she flipped the machine upside down, preventing it from being used any further.[2]


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