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Skoochy is a clever young street urchin who frequently roams Central City Station in Republic City, looking to pick the pockets of unsuspecting tourists. On the side, he provides inside information in exchange for bribes. He is an orphan and has lived on the street ever since escaping from his second orphanage, vowing never to go back. He met Mako and Bolin during the brothers' days as fellow street urchins.[2]


Skoochy was hanging out in Central City Station with other children when they were approached by Mako and Avatar Korra, who were looking for Bolin. Mako entreated him about the whereabouts of Bolin, but Skoochy stated that his memory was a little foggy, and suggested that he would need money to remember. Mako obliged his request, and in return, Skoochy explained that Bolin had been doing some sort of "monkey-rat circus" at about noon, but held out from revealing any more. Mako gave Skoochy another yuan and the orphan continued, informing Mako that Bolin had left with Shady Shin after Shin offered him a great deal of money, giving Mako and Korra a lead on finding Bolin.[1]


The Legend of Korra

Book One: Air (气)

Graphic novel trilogies


  • "Scooch" is a debased Italian-American word meaning "pest", and derives from the Italian verb "scocciare", which means "to annoy". The term arose in New York during the early 1900s as more and more Italian immigrants drifted away from proper Italian, and the word itself is still a slang term for any irritating or misbehaved person.


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