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Sensu was the son of Gansu and Sela, and Lee's older brother.


Sensu joined the Earth Kingdom Army to fight in the Hundred Year War against the Fire Nation; however, he and his battalion were captured. When his father, Gansu, was informed of this news in 100 AG, he traveled to the war front to try to find Sensu and bring him back.[1]




  • Sensu's name is a combination of his parents' names, Sela and Gansu.
  • His name is pronounced similarly to Sun Tzu (孫武), a famous Chinese war general and author of the book The Art of War, which is widely regarded as the definitive book on military strategy.
    • His name is also similar to the Japanese word sensō (戦争)[2], meaning warfare and the activities involved in war and conflict, which is appropriate given his position as a soldier.


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