Secret Scene Creator is a game hosted by that is now obsolete. It is still partly operational when its URL is entered into the Wayback Machine.


The player is capable of creating scenes with characters, dialogue, action, pictures, sounds, and backgrounds. The primary objective of the game was to create that such a scene, but one which would pique Nickelodeon's interest enough to air that scene, with the actual characters' voice talents added, during The Secret of the Fire Nation one-hour special, the promotional name given for "The Serpent's Pass" and "The Drill". Ten scenes would be chosen for this honor.[1]


All actions are performed through the left mouse click.


Secret Scene Creator canvas

The game's canvas creator is still available, but several features do not work.

After pressing the "Play" button, the player is taken to the canvas screen where the creation of a scene takes place. However, some options on the canvas screen freeze the game, not one's entire computer screen. These options are the background option, the speech bubble option, and the music option. The other options no longer do anything, except the text option. This option allows the player to type words that were chosen by Nickelodeon to be appropriate for the game's purpose. These words can be strung into a fully legible sentence. The color, justification, rotation, and frame where the text appears can be specified, but only the preview scene option still works; the preview movie option requires characters to use the dialogue, which is no longer possible on the Wayback Machine. The "Send to a Friend" and "Send to Nick" options are also obsolete.

The necessities of Secret Scene Creator are simple, but the detailed elements of what can be added and used become surprisingly complex, entailing several pages of information. To access a detailed instructional guide to the game's mechanics, refer to the "Play Secret Scene Creator at the Wayback Machine" link found in the "External links" section. Once clicked, one is taken to the game's Wayback URL. The "How to Play" box in the upper right corner of the game's screen reveals the many ways to use Secret Scene Creator.


Secret Scene Creator, Gyatso unlocked

The game declares that Gyatso has been unlocked.

It is possible to input codes that unlock "exclusive character images". These images used to allow for more Avatar characters to be employed in the player's scenes, but adding characters does not work on the Wayback Machine, the only method of playing this game that works even marginally. Originally the codes were revealed through numerous methods, all of which appear to have been marketing ploys for Nickelodeon. These methods were the inclusion of codes within Nickelodeon Magazine's September 2006 issue; the emblazonment of the codes on Airhead candy packages as well as on Avatar merchandise beginning on September 11, 2006; and their advertisement on beginning in September of the same year. There are six possible codes. There is also a "Super Code", which is the input of Nickelodeon Magazine and Airhead codes "at the same time", that unlocks "the ultimate piece of Secret Scene Creator art!"[2] The codes are as follows:


  • There are 9,002 words employable in Secret Scene Creator.[3]
  • As of September 15, 2006, the airdate of The Secret of the Fire Nation, more than 100,000 scenes had been submitted by fans across the United States to Nickelodeon.[1]


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  3. Secret Scene Creator's loading screen for when the "Word" option is selected displays how many words are loaded after the game has done so for one single letter. After the game has loaded the letter "Z", the total count appears as 9,002.

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