Fire Nation emblem

These hot springs are located on a remote Fire Nation island and surrounded by volcanic rocks as well as walls and waterfalls. Team Avatar chose this spot to rest because of its complete seclusion.[1]


In the summer of 100 AG, Team Avatar stopped at the secluded hot springs to relax. Aang discovered a water tunnel and joyfully took a slide through it, however, as his arrow tattoos were exposed, he unknowingly revealed his identity to two Fire Nation watchmen when he exited the tunnel. Stunned to have discovered that the Avatar was alive, contrary to the world's belief that he was dead, the two sent a message for Fire Lord Ozai via messenger hawk. The hawk's journey to deliver the message, however, was intercepted by a raven eagle who attacked the bird and retrieved the message. The eagle subsequently gave the letter to its master, an assassin hired by Prince Zuko to eliminate the Avatar, later known to Team Avatar as Combustion Man.

Stone pillar field

Team Avatar aspired to spend the night in this field of stone pillars surrounding the spring.

That night, while Team Avatar was sleeping in a stone pillar field near the springs, Toph suddenly awoke when she felt vibrations in the earth warning her that someone was near. The entire gang soon woke up and saw Combustion Man standing atop the ledge that led down to the springs. A short duel was fought between the two opposing sides. Aang narrowly escaped the springs with his friends on Appa.[2]


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