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This article is about the father of Mako and Bolin. For the Fire Nation vendor, see San (vendor).

San was an Earth Kingdom native from Ba Sing Se. After a fight with his father, he left the capital and moved to Republic City, where he met a woman named Naoki,[2] whom he married and had two children with, Mako and Bolin.[1] He was murdered by a firebending criminal in 160 AG.[3]


Leaving Ba Sing Se

San was born to a family residing in the Lower Ring of Ba Sing Se. A man with big dreams, he wanted to get out of the city and see the world. His father, however, wanted him to remain in the capital and take over the family's fruit selling business. San could not be convinced to stay and father and son had a heated argument about it; it was the last time he ever spoke to his father as San left for Republic City. Sometime after his move to the city, San met Naoki,[2] a woman of Fire Nation descent, whom he would eventually marry and have two children with, Mako and Bolin. Though he never returned to Ba Sing Se, San did send them a letter with a picture of him and his family on his birthday.[1]


In 160 AG, San and his wife were killed by a firebending mugger, leaving their children orphaned. San's family in Ba Sing Se did not receive the news of his and his wife's death until eleven years later, when Mako and Bolin came across their uncle Chow, who instantly recognized them and invited them back to meet the rest of their family.[1]


After San's death, Mako wore his father's red scarf all the time. However, upon meeting San's mother, Yin, Mako decided to give the memento to her.[1]


Chow Jr.[2]


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