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The Safe Nation Society was a volunteer militia group based in the Fire Nation Capital. They were assembled by Constable Sung and Ukano in 102 AG to combat the high number of child abductions in the capital believed to have been perpetrated by dark spirits.[1]


After numerous reported disappearances of children in the Fire Nation Capital, Constable Sung went to obtain official orders from Fire Lord Zuko in the Fire Nation Royal Palace, only to discover that he was nowhere to be found. Unwilling to remain idle, given that his own son had been abducted earlier in the night, Sung visited Ukano in his home to inform the man of the escalating situation and request his assistance in addressing the problem. Although reluctant to take action without official orders from his Fire Lord, Sung chose to prioritize the safety of the capital's children and assembled the Safe Nation Society, a volunteer militia.

Safe Nation Society attacks

The Safe Nation Society prevented masked assailants from abducting a child in the Fire Nation Capital.

The militia marched throughout the capital and chanted "a strong nation is a safe nation", while assisting Sung and his men in enforcing a mandatory curfew. During this time, they caught sight of three assailants on a rooftop with a child and believed these individuals to be the Kemurikage. Under Ukano's orders, several members attacked the assailants with firebending and managed to prevent the child's abduction.

They continued to march through the streets until Fire Lord Zuko returned, condemning the assembly of a militia group and the enforcement of a curfew without his approval. He suspended Sung for undermining his authority before ordering the disbandment of the group, threatening arrest for any individuals who refused to comply.[1]



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