Fire Nation emblem
Azula hanging from a cliff

Azula wore her royal armor frequently as a sign of her status.

Royal armor is an accessory worn by the Prince and Princess of the Fire Nation. Both Azula and Zuko wore royal armor many times during journeys and other gatherings.[1]


The armor was worn by Zuko and Azula primarily for public appearances, but it was common for them to wear it during ceremonies, war meetings, and audiences with Fire Lord Ozai.[1] However, it also served a practical purpose, as Azula was wearing the armor while battling Aang, Toph, and Sokka during the Day of Black Sun[2] and while visiting the Boiling Rock.[3]


Royal armor is elaborately designed; colored primarily in black, the outfit follows typical Fire Nation style, with scarlet detailing and fine golden tracing. Worn over the chest of both the prince and princess, the royal armor extends across the shoulders and down to the top of the stomach. The Fire Nation insignia is visible on the front directly beneath the neck area on the chest.


  • The statue of Fire Lord Zuko at the Central City Station in Republic City portrays him wearing his royal armor as opposed to the Fire Lord's robes.[4]
  • The design of this armor is similar to the armor Zuko wore before he was exiled from the Fire Nation, though with a black and gold color scheme rather than black and red.


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