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"I didn't complain when you kept the northern and southern portals open ... but creating a new one has gone too far. The human and spirit worlds should have remained separate."
— The rock spirit expressing its doubts about the new spirit portal.[1]

The rock spirit is an enormous spirit living in the Spirit World, whose body and limbs are made out of solid rock. When resting, the spirit resembles a large boulder, though it does not appreciate to be climbed on.[1]


In 174 AG, the rock spirit was awoken from its slumber when Korra and Asami, having mistaken the spirit for a rock formation, had started to climb its back. Irritated, the spirit rose to its feet, demanding to know who dared to climb upon its body. When Korra tried to apologize, it interrupted her by remarking that it should have known the culprits to be "pesky humans". As it plucked them off its back, Korra took offense to being called "pesky" and revealed herself to be the Avatar, which further angered the spirit, who believed the Avatar was even worse than a regular human. It told her that, while it had not complained when she had decided to leave the northern and southern spirit portals open, the creation of a third portal was unacceptable as the two realms should have remained separate. The spirit ignored Korra's remarks that the formation of the third portal was an accident and flung the two away, ordering them to leave his realm forever.

Rock spirit attacking

The rock spirit momentarily left the Spirit World to defend Republic City's spirit portal from human occupation.

Later, the rock spirit, along with several other spirits, answered the call of the dragon eel spirit to protect the Republic City spirit portal from the human threat and crossed into the human world to do so. It tried to crush several Triple Threat Triad members, who were battling Team Avatar and several airbenders for control of the land surrounding the portal, and managed to swat away several of them. The rock spirit eventually returned to the Spirit World on command of the dragon eel spirit after the latter had ended the battle by disfiguring Tokuga.[1]


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