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The term "River village" has not been confirmed by official sources.

The river village is a medium-sized settlement located in the western Earth Kingdom and situated between the forks of a large river. It is a bustling town that serves as a regional trading hub and an ideal location for merchants to sell their merchandise.


After they were deemed traitors of the Fire Nation, Zuko and Iroh traveled to this town in disguise and begged for spare coins from Earth Kingdom citizens on the streets. When a man wielding broadswords offered a gold coin in return for entertainment, Iroh began to sing a goofy song. Unimpressed, the man unsheathed his dual swords and slashed at Iroh's feet, forcing him to dance in order to avoid injury from the blades, much to Zuko's anger and shame.

It was here that Zuko once again assumed the form of his alter ego, the Blue Spirit, and stole the man's dual swords later that night.[1]

Layout and description

The center of the village is dominated by an immense sandstone structure perched on a hill, while the outskirts are filled with simple bamboo and plaster homes with thatched roofs. The town is surrounded by large rice paddies which draw their water from the nearby river, and many inhabitants fish along said stream using small reed boats. The village is encompassed by a densely forested area including several caves, one of which served as a campsite for Zuko and Iroh.

Notable figures


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