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Iroh and Earth Kingdom children Admit mistakes when they occur and seek to restore honor.

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"Reunion" is the seventh episode of Book Four: Balance of The Legend of Korra and the 46th of the overall series. It was released online on and through the Nick app on November 14, 2014, and aired on Nicktoons Network on December 12, 2014.


Korra returns to Republic City with the airbenders and reunites with Tenzin. After informing him of what happened in Zaofu, she meets up with Asami and Mako for the first time in three years, though their reunion is crashed by Prince Wu and tension runs high among them. When Wu is kidnapped by supporters of Kuvira, Team Avatar tracks him to Central City Station and rescue him. To protect him from further kidnapping attempts, Wu is left at Asami's residence to stay with Mako's extended family. Meanwhile, Bolin and Varrick team up with a group of fugitive firebenders and waterbenders to cross the fortified Earth Empire border. Successfully evading arrest by the guards, they reach the shore and are given a lift in gratitude for their help. In the Foggy Swamp, Kuvira's army begins to harvest spirit vines at the banyan-grove tree.


Tenzin reuniting with Korra

Tenzin happily welcomes Korra home.

At Air Temple Island, Pabu approaches Naga and bites her tail. Naga watches Pepper, who carries Korra, Jinora, Ikki and Meelo. Korra sees her polar bear dog and waves, and as soon as Pepper lands, Korra runs to hug her. Meelo loudly tells his parents they had come back and had brought the Avatar, while Bumi says to Korra he and Bum-Ju had missed her. Tenzin compliments his kids, and Meelo asks if he could have his tattoos. Much to Pema's amusement, Tenzin declines and leaves. He approaches Korra and hugs her, welcoming her back. He asks her what had happened to Zaofu and Opal says Kuvira had captured her mother, father, and brothers. Korra adds she though she would have been strong enough, but she was not and now feels like a failure. Tenzin tries to comfort her, saying she would not face Kuvira alone and says they were glad she was there. Bumi asks Opal where Bolin was and if he was still on Kuvira's side. Opal answers that she does not believe that he would stay with Kuvira after what she did to her family, but they do not know where he is.

Bolin and a dramatic Varrick

Tired from being on the run, Varrick dramatically announces to Bolin to be left behind, as he deserved to be "gobbled up by worms" for weaponizing the spirit vine energy.

Meanwhile, Bolin carries a lazy Varrick on his back through a forest, panting with exertion. Bolin suggests that Varrick be the one to carry him for a while, to which Varrick responds that upon his escape from the Republic City Prison, Zhu Li had carried him for twenty miles in one day, even after she had sprained her ankle. Reminding Varrick angrily that Zhu Li is not here, Bolin dumps Varrick off his back and onto the ground; Varrick lies on the ground, despondent, and he tells Bolin to leave him where he lies for the worms to eat, believing himself to be deserving of death. Bolin angrily scolds Varrick for this, reminding him that he is responsible for the creation of the spirit-energy weapon, which has the capacity to wreak havoc on the world and hurt a lot of people, to which Varrick yells back that he does not want to be reminded of it. Bolin, calming down, tells Varrick that both of them were fooled into doing Kuvira's "dirty work" and that they have a duty to return to Republic City to warn the citizens of the impending threat the weapon poses. Varrick, accepting, takes Bolin's hand and gets to his feet, telling him that he has a way with words and offering to carry Bolin for a while. Bolin, relieved, jumps on Varrick's back and Varrick, struggling under Bolin's weight, takes one slow, painful step and triggers a booby trap on the ground; they are pulled high into the air, where they come to rest hanging from a tree limb, trapped in a hanging net, as Bolin shouts his disbelief at their seemingly random entrapment to nobody in general.

Tensions among Team Avatar

Despite an initial happy reunion, tensions soon run high among Team Avatar.

Asami sits in a waiting area at a restaurant in Republic City, reading a magazine with a Future Industries advertisement on the back cover. Korra, walking up to her while she reads, tells her that she hopes Asami has not been waiting for very long. Asami stands up, embracing Korra, telling her that she only waited three years. After they both tell each other how good it is to see the other and compliment each other's appearance, Asami leads Korra into the restaurant, where Mako stands leaning up against a wooden pillar near a booth, waiting for them. Mako and Korra embrace; their reunion is cut off by the sudden appearance of Prince Wu, who immediately begins flirting with Korra, to the dismay of both Asami and Mako. As they all seat themselves at the booth, Asami and Mako on one side and Korra and Wu on the other, Asami, in a heated whisper, asks Mako why Wu is with him, to which Mako replies, remorsefully, that he could not get Wu to leave him alone. He adds that Wu promised to behave cordially while he was with them, at which point Wu leans over to Korra and asks Korra to enter the Avatar State simply so he can see her eyes glow; he looks very put out when she immediately refuses. Asami moves on by admitting to Korra that she was worried when the Avatar had written in her letter that she could not enter the Avatar State. Before Korra can answer, Mako asks how Asami knows that. Korra confesses that she wrote to Asami and not to Mako and Bolin, much to the firebender's frustration. Korra tries to make amends by asking what has been going on with her friends. Asami tells them that she has visited her father in prison, something Korra thinks is dangerous. Asami snaps back that Korra cannot just disappear for three years, come back, and act like she knows what is best.

Wu's kidnapping

Wu panics after realizing that he was being drugged by the attendant.

Wu interrupts the bickering trio, by saying that Mako should escort him to the bathroom. Mako adamantly refuses and Wu is forced to go on his own. In the bathroom, an attendant is waiting for Wu and uses a spray which knocks Wu unconscious.

Back in the Earth Empire, Bolin and Varrick are still trapped in the net. Bolin wishes he had Pabu, as he would be able to chew through the ropes. Varrick says the same about Zhu Li, when they are found by a group of escaped prisoners. At first, the group think Varrick and Bolin are just some soldiers, but Varrick objects to this by saying that they were part of Kuvira's inner circle and Bolin adds they had been part of, but not anymore. Baraz, the group's leader, cuts them down, saying he has just the plan for them.

Back at the restaurant, Mako worries about Wu and goes check on him at the bathroom. Korra and Asami stand outside the bathroom and Korra notices the bathroom attendant walking past with a cart full of laundry bags. She follows him and asks him if he had seen Wu, while he is dumping the laundry into the back of a van, but he tells her he had not. Suddenly, Wu rolls out the laundry bags and Korra looks the attendant angrily. He bends the ground under her to launch her into the ceiling. He runs in front of the van and Mako and Asami go out to check Korra. The van speeds up and leaves, while Korra goes after them, telling the others to get the car. The van leaves the alley next to the hotel and Korra launches a fissure its way, but the van jumps over and keep driving. Asami and Mako come and Asami stops the car next to Korra, she jumps in and they follow the van.

Capturing Wu's kidnapper

Angered about letting Wu be kidnapped, Mako questions the prince's kidnapper.

Despite the traffic, they manage to reach them, but when the van turns at another alley and the attendant bends up a wall, blocking the way. Asami continues straight and Mako tells her to turn right at the next block, but she does not, saying she knows the streets better than they do, having built some of them. Korra stands up the car and jumps onto the van, deplaning with airbending. She metalbends the roof open, but she does not see Wu. She pulls the driver from behind and she stamps on the brakes, stopping the van next to a couple of spirit vines. She pulls him out the van, while the car comes. Korra tells Mako and Asami Wu was not there. Mako grabs the attendant and slams him into the van, asking him where the prince was. He answers he was halfway to Kuvira by then. A police car comes and Mako instructs the driver to tell Lin Beifong that Wu had been kidnapped. The car leaves and Asami and Mako are worried about where Wu could be. Korra touches the spirit vines and feels Wu's energy. She tells the others they were taking Wu to the train station. Asami wonders how did she know that and Korra tells them she would explain them on the way, jumping in the car and telling her to drive.

Earth Empire fugitives

After a standoff, Varrick and Bolin forge an alliance with Baraz, Ahnah, and other Earth Empire fugitives.

Back in the Earth Empire, Bolin and Varrick's captors have the two bound as the waterbenders of the group refill their water skins by a river. Bolin questions what a bunch of firebenders and waterbenders were doing in one of Kuvira's re-education camps. Baraz and his friend Ahnah clarify that it is more of a prison, as Kuvira had been imprisoning anyone not of Earth Kingdom origin, and they presume the two of them were well aware of what she was doing, being a part of her inner circle. Bolin reiterates that they were only part of the inner circle for about a day. Varrick demanded to know where they are going. The escapees explain that they intend to use the two of them to make it past the border patrol and then they may consider letting them go. However, Bolin knocks their captors down with earthbending before using lavabending to create a divide between them, apologizing for what Kuvira did and restating that he and Varrick are no longer aligned with Kuvira. Varrick adds that they cannot risk crossing the border checkpoint without himself or Bolin being recognized. Baraz tells them that the checkpoint is the only way out, as the wall surrounding it is constantly patrolled. Ahnah does not trust the newcomers, but relents when Baraz reasons that if Bolin wanted to kill them, then he would have buried them in lava, so they have to trust each other.

Back in Republic City, as Team Avatar are driving through the streets, Mako asks Korra how she was able to discern Wu's location. She explained that she learned it from Toph Beifong herself, having learned to connect with spirit vines from the Foggy Swamp, to her friends' amazement. As they arrive at the train station, they split up to find Wu.

Fighting the border patrol

After Varrick disables the mecha suits, Bolin saves Baraz, Ahnah, and the other fugitives with his lavabending.

Meanwhile, Bolin and Varrick lead the escapees to the border checkpoint, claiming that they captured them and were taking them to a secure facility. The checkpoint guard questions where the prisoners escaped from. Bolin answers Camp 14, to which he points out is the other way. Bolin lies that he is acting on Kuvira's orders, so the guard asks for his transfer papers. Varrick promptly goes into a tirade, ranting about all the wild animals he had to face, his poor hygiene, and the size of his blisters, and threatens to report the guard if he does not let them through. His ploy works, as the guard signals to open the gate. As they are passing through, however, Bolin and Varrick are recognized based on mugshots as wanted deserters, and the Earth Empire soldiers surround them. As a fight breaks out, Varrick sneaks away and spots a generator inside the guard station and manages to fashion a makeshift electromagnetic pulse to disable the mecha suits. Varrick subsequently calls to Bolin to flee with him, but the latter refuses to abandon Baraz's group and uses lavabending to force the soldiers back. Baraz thanks him for his help, even though he did not have to come back.

Saving Prince Wu

Having found Prince Wu on a train, Team Avatar fights off Kuvira's agents.

At the Central City Station, Korra uses her spirit powers to locate which train Wu is on. Team Avatar is able to get on board as it was leaving the station. As they pass through the passenger compartment, Mako questions how sure she is that Wu is on the train. Korra rebukes him for not watching Wu like he was supposed to, unaware that Kuvira agents had overheard them. They make their way into the baggage car, where they find Wu stuffed into a suitcase, but two of Kuvira's agents attack them. Korra deflects their metalbending attacks before airbending them against the roof. As two more agents approach from opposite ends of the train car, Korra shuts the doors and metalbends the roof. Wu refuses to go outside, so Korra airbends them out. Kuvira's metalbenders begin to metalbend the roof of the adjourning car to box them in, so Korra airbends her friends off the train. Wu excitedly thanks Mako, stating that he will probably get a raise, but the latter insists he thank Korra. He expresses he is indebted to her and offers to take her on a date, to which she bluntly refuses. She turns to Mako and Asami and they get nostalgic that this adventure was "just like old times", before sharing in a group hug, which Wu tries to include himself, only to be kept at arm's length by Korra. She asks what to do about Wu, as she declares it to be too dangerous to bring him back to the hotel, much to the Earth Prince's agreement. Mako decides to hide him at the Asami's mansion, where his family had been staying since the fall of Ba Sing Se. His grandmother Yin swoons upon seeing Wu. Wu desperately runs in to find the bathroom, having held his bladder all day.

Bolin and Baraz shaking hands

Bolin happily accepts Baraz and Ahnah's offer for a boat ride up north.

Meanwhile, Bolin apologizes to the escapees for what Kuvira had put them through. Ahnah offers to give him and Varrick a boat ride up north. Varrick, noting the dingy boat they are using, attempts to decline, but a nudge from Bolin prompts him to change his statement.

Elsewhere, Baatar Jr. uses a probe on spirit vines in the Foggy Swamp, determining that they are more powerful than the samples from Republic City. Kuvira promptly orders her men to harvest the vines until there is nothing left.


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Production notes


Main article: Transcript:Reunion


Main article: Writing in the World of Avatar

Series continuity

  • Mako learns that Korra wrote to Asami during her time away from Republic City, something Korra asked Asami not to disclose to him in "Korra Alone".
  • Asami reveals to Korra and Mako that she is attempting to reconnect with her father and visited him in prison in "Enemy at the Gates".
  • Varrick recalls how Zhu Li carried him for twenty miles a day after they escaped Republic City in "Light in the Dark".
  • Varrick reiterates that Bolin is a natural speaker, the reason for which he made the earthbender a mover star in "Peacekeepers".
  • Korra recalls learning how to detect spiritual energies by harnessing the power of the spirit vines, a technique she learned from Toph Beifong in "The Calling".

Character revelations

  • Asami helped build some of the new roads in Republic City.
  • Yin and her family have been living at the Sato estate since 171 AG.
  • Kuvira has been purging settlements in the Earth Empire and imprisoning citizens who are not of Earth Kingdom descent.
  • Korra is able to track individuals by sensing their energies through her surroundings.


  • When Asami kicks at the agent atop the train roof, the tips of her shoes are no longer colored a darker gray.


  • The device Varrick disassembles to make his EMP emitter is the same one on the magazine Asami was reading in the beginning of the episode.
  • In the original storyboard, Asami was reading a fashion magazine featuring Ginger on the back cover advertisement.[1]


  1. Bryan Konietzko on the Blu-ray commentary for "Reunion".

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