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Iroh and Earth Kingdom children Admit mistakes when they occur and seek to restore honor.

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"Remembrances" is the eighth episode of Book Four: Balance of The Legend of Korra and the 47th of the overall series. It was released on and through the Nick app on November 21, 2014, and aired on Nicktoons Network on December 12, 2014.


Team Avatar reminisces about the past several years, thinking back on themselves and their friends. At the Sato estate, Mako recounts his past to Prince Wu, explaining how he and Korra met and his complicated relationships with the Avatar and Asami. On Air Temple Island, Korra reveals to Asami the doubt she feels, both in herself and her position as bringer of balance; despite her efforts, her enemies threw the world into disorder, and she feels as though it no longer needs her. Asami is aided in her efforts to raise Korra's spirits by Tenzin, who tells her that the purpose of facing conflicts is to learn and grow from them, noting that Korra has done that. Meanwhile, as their boat makes its way north, Varrick entertains the Earth Empire fugitives with an idea for a mover; he envisions Nuktuk playing the part of a fictional Bolin, who single-handedly defeats all of Korra's main enemies after they formed a diabolical team.


Wu wants to talk

Surprised to hear that Mako dated the Avatar, Wu became interested in his past.

At the Sato estate, Mako attempts to teach Wu how to protect himself from his enemies. The prince, however, is knocked down after Mako lands a gentle punch on him; Yin enters the room with Tu and runs, worried, to the young royal, scolding Mako for injuring him. When Mako makes a remark about how weak Wu is, the prince justifies himself by saying that he "wasn't raised by a pack of cops in the woods" like Mako. The firebender states that Wu knows nothing about him because he has never asked, but the prince responds by asking him a number of questions, including if there is a special lady in his life. Mako answers that he has not dated anyone since he and Korra broke up; the prince, his interest piqued, asks to know everything that happened between them.

Mako begins his story, starting with his introduction to Korra, courtesy of Bolin, at the Pro-bending Arena. He explains to Wu how Korra joined their team, the Fire Ferrets, and how she had inspired him with her bending skills, as a Pro-bender and a loyal friend. Wu asks him if they had kissed, but Mako answers negatively, countering with the story of how he and Asami had met when she hit him with her moped. They had started dating, but that made Mako's relationship with Korra very complicated because they had kissed, something on which Wu, Tu and Yin all offer opinions: the prince takes Mako's side, but Tu and Yin believe it was wrong because he was dating Asami at the time. Mako continues saying his feelings became clearer when Korra was taken by Tarrlok, leading to his breakup with Asami. Mako says that he and Korra defeated Amon together and after that, he was finally able to declare his feelings for her, starting their relationship. Yin asks Mako if they were able to live happily ever after, causing Mako to remember the rough stretches their relationship endured, as Korra repeatedly asked him whose side he was on. Finally, an angry Korra confronted Mako at his his workplace; after an furious argument, in which they both decided that their jobs were interfering with their relationship, Korra broke up with Mako, with the former leaving the room in tears.

Mako telling his story

While telling his story, Mako was often criticized by the others, who did not approve of his decisions.

Their breakup allowed Mako to focus more on his work. A sudden rash of attacks on supply ships heading to the Southern Water Tribe, which was having a negative effect on Asami's company, led him and Asami both to carry out a sting operation with the help of the Triple Threat Triad in an effort to uncover the culprit. He says it was the perfect way to help him get his mind off Korra, recalling that it was an intense night. After discovering that the triads had double-crossed them, they barely escaped; when they returned to Asami's warehouses, they found them completely emptied. He remembered that Asami was ready to give up, but he assured her that he was not giving up on her, and she kissed him. Mako says he knows what he had done was wrong, but Wu objects: Mako had already broken up with Korra, giving Mako, Wu says, the right to choose what he wanted. Mako counters by continuing his tale; when Korra, suffering from amnesia, returned, she had forgotten their breakup and kissed Mako in front of Asami, angering her. Making things worse, when Korra asked him if their fight was bad, Mako had lied and assured her it was not.

Wu voices his disapproval of Mako's behavior, stating simply that Mako should have told her the truth about their breakup; Yin again points out that Mako is just like his grandfather, but Mako points out that he and Asami were never officially back together. Tu says that it seems Mako is so afraid of disappointing anyone that he ends up disappointing everyone; while his assessment annoys Mako, Tu gets a high-five from Wu, who opins that "truer words have never been spoken." Mako clarifies that he did end up telling Korra eventually, but by the time he did so, she had already regained her memory, and thus knew he had lied. He had justified himself to her by saying that he did not want to hurt her, and that a part of him might have wanted to forget about the breakup. Korra bluntly reinforced that their relationship would not work, bringing it to an end.

Wu down

Being physically weak, Wu was not able to take even a single hit from Mako.

After Harmonic Convergence, Mako remembers, Team Avatar left Republic City in search of airbenders. He recalls that being around Korra and Asami was awkward, but that he realized he needed to figure out who he was without a lady in his life. Wu says that he knows what needing distance from women is like, claiming that he is consistently pursued by them; Mako, after a moment of un-enthused silence, continues his story. He was able, he tells them, to help Korra defeat Zaheer and save the airbenders, and to do so not as her romantic interest, but as her friend. He says that Korra taught him the importance of putting others before himself, and that she continues to inspire him when he thinks of her. As Mako finishes his anecdote, Wu, getting to his feet, comments that the story was amazing, and that he really learned a few things: he really did not know anything about Mako, and that, while not intending to offend Yin, "ladies are complicated". Wu further says that he intends to focus simply on being a better king; getting into a fighting stance, he tells Mako to attack him again, believing he can withstand it. Mako's first, soft punch causes Wu to collapse straight to the floor, shouting "Wu down!" As Mako stands over the fallen prince, Yin sharply slaps his arm.

Asami worried about Korra

Asami tries to cheer up Korra, who convinced herself that the world does not need the Avatar anymore due to her failure to bring lasting balance.

At Air Temple Island, Korra watches the sunset with a serious expression on her face. Asami brings her a cup of tea; sensing something is wrong, she asks if she is okay, and Korra repeats to her the sentiment of Toph regarding their current situation: the world does not need the Avatar, and confronting Kuvira is purposeless. Asami tells Korra Toph's assertion is ridiculous, but Korra tells her Toph is right; despite everything she has done, the world is still in imbalance. She explains herself through a flashback of her own, telling Asami her own history. When she learned she was the Avatar, she remembers, she greatly anticipated her future, believing that she "was really gonna change things", but she had been naïve. When she saw Amon remove Lightning Bolt Zolt's bending, she was utterly terrified, and when he did the same to her, her worst nightmare was realized. Asami interrupts Korra's train of thought for a moment, reminding her that after Korra exposed Amon and stopped the Equalist Movement, the free elections that followed in the United Republic gave nonbenders a voice, and people had found their hope again. She states that good things came of her struggle; Korra counters by reminding her that, although she had beaten Amon, Unalaq followed soon after, and his threatening Jinora's life led her to betray Tenzin and open the portals, which further threw the Spirit and human worlds into chaos and led to, not only the fusion of Unalaq and Vaatu, but a temporary separation from Raava and a permanent loss of her connection with her past lives. Asami retorts that, by the end of the conflict, she had become more stronger, as UnaVaatu had been, and that by opening the portals, she brought back the Air Nation and caused a positive shift in the world. Again doubting herself, Korra moves on to Zaheer, who also received airbending; besides nearly killing her with his newfound power, he had thrown the Earth Kingdom into chaos by killing the Earth Queen, and nearly done the same to the rest of the airbenders. In the wake of his defeat, Kuvira gained power, and the world was, again, thrown out of balance. From the beginning of her recollection to the present, she notes with frustration, nothing has changed.

Asami, Tenzin, and Korra

Emphasizing all the good that Korra has done as the Avatar, Asami, and Tenzin manage to convince her that she would always be needed to restore balance in the world.

Tenzin appears, interrupting the girls and agreeing with Korra, to both their surprise. He continues by saying that she should learn from her enemies, adding she had changed a lot since he had met her, from a selfish person to a thoughtful young woman who cares about others and puts their needs before her own. Korra ends by thanking them and saying that she will do anything to restore balance to the world, no matter what happens in the future.

Bolin and Varrick are on the small boat that Baraz and Ahnah offered to give them a ride in. Baraz is telling a story about his disgusting experience eating bark-onion soup and everybody seems to be very bored. When Bolin asks if anybody else wanted to throw themselves overboard, Varrick replies that he did not as while people were telling what he described to be incredibly boring stories, he had tuned them all out and was thinking of what he said to be the most exciting tale ever told and soon to be the best mover ever made. He presents Bolin as Nuktuk, Hero of the South in the incredibly true story of Bolin, Hero of the World. Bolin asks if he was playing Nuktuk or if Nuktuk was playing him, to which Varrick responds to by saying that both because it was his true story, but that they would capitalize on the Nuktuk franchise. Bolin proceeds to ask him how he could call him the hero of the world when he left his family and friends in order to join a psychotic dictator who imprisoned him and he was now running home with his tail between his legs.

Villain conference call

Varrick creates a scene in which Amon, Unalaq, Zaheer, and Vaatu team up to take down Bolin.

Varrick continues telling his story, in which Zaheer, a resurrected "Zombie-Amon", and Unalaq were having a phone conference with Vaatu where they expressed their willingness to help take out their common nemesis, Bolin, deeming him to be "way too powerful and awesome". Although they wanted to leave Unalaq out of the team, they soon discovered that the Chief of the North had been listening in on their conversation. The three companions tried to get rid of Unalaq and eventually just hung up on him. Continuing the plot, Varrick revealed that Nuktuk would eventually defeat the villains by destroying UnaVaatu, who would form the stars, and trapping Zaheer in a tornado, turning him into wind. Amon's fate, however, remained unknown. As Varrick quickly ends the story, making Bolin turn into a dragon, go into the Spirit World, and save the Avatar, he receives a standing ovation from the fugitives, much to Bolin's shock. He grows slightly annoyed when Bolin starts to point out the plot holes in the script, such as the discarded storyline of "Zombie-Amon", though happily tells his friend to never let the truth get in the way of a good story.


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Production notes


Main article: Transcript:Remembrances


Main article: Writing in the World of Avatar

Series continuity

  • Varrick suggests naming the group consisting of Amon, Zaheer, Vaatu, and Unalaq the "Fearsome Foursome", similar to how Sokka suggested that name to indicate himself, Aang, Katara, and Toph in "The Drill".


  • The training room at the Sato estate is adjoint to the room housing the pool, though in "The Aftermath", there was no opening or door in the wall when the pool was shown.
  • When Mako recalls his breakup with Korra, he mentions that they broke up before Korra airbent his desk away, though those events occurred the other way around in "Peacekeepers".
  • During the villain conference call, Unalaq is shown with two left arms; one is kept at his side, while he is holding the telephone with the other.


  • Due to having their budget cut with nearly the amount it takes to make a new episode, Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko decided to make this episode into a clips episode, as they were unwilling to fire a significant number of crew members several weeks early.[1]
  • This is the fifth episode in the series to have a one-word title and the seventh in the entire Avatar franchise.
  • This is the second episode with chibi style included in The Legend of Korra, the first being "Rebirth".
  • Varrick's statement to "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story" is a quote from Mark Twain.
  • The structure of the episode was based on Samurai Champloo.[2]


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  2. Bryan Konietzko on the DVD commentary for "Remembrances".

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