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This article is about the pro-bending team. For the island near Republic City, see Red Sand Island.

The Red Sands Rabaroos are a pro-bending team consisting of Adi, the team's captain, Ula, and Umi.[1] They are the only all-female pro-bending team that made it to the Championship Tournament of 170 AG.[2]


The Red Sands Rabaroos faced the Fire Ferrets during the opening match of the tournament. They fought bitterly, but their opponents dominated the match from the beginning. The team lost all three rounds, allowing the Fire Ferrets to move on to the quarterfinals of the Championship Tournament.[1]



  • Like other pro-bending teams, the Red Sands Rabaroos had passionate fans cheering them on in a special way. Their fans upheld posters with drawings of three kicking Rabaroos to showcase their enthusiasm.[1]
  • In the game Welcome to Republic City, the bending of the team members is mixed up. Adi is portrayed as an earthbender, Ula as a waterbender, and Umi as a firebender.[2]
  • They are the only known pro-bending team to be composed solely of women.


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