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The pygmy puma is a small feline that inhabits the Earth Kingdom. It is considered by some people as the "King of the Alleyways".[1]


While Team Avatar was staying in Ba Sing Se, three pygmy pumas attacked Momo when the winged lemur ventured out into the city searching for Appa. Before they could catch him, however, they were all captured and sold to a butcher. When Momo escaped his cage and wanted to escape, the caged pumas whimpered for help. Momo freed them, and the animals all escaped together. Now formed a friendship, they retreated to a rooftop, enjoying the view of the city. Noticing the piece of Appa's fur Momo had tied around his wrist, one of the pygmy pumas tore it off and ran away with it, its two companions and Momo in tow. They led the flying lemur to a footprint Appa left behind when he stood in the mud. As a forlorn Momo curled up in the middle, the pumas sat beside the print and watched.[2]


The pygmy puma is a smaller, sleeker version of a puma that is bred for compact city-living.[1] A dark green or black short haired animal, it has sharp claws at the ends of its large, five fingered paws, though lacks the typical vestigial fifth finger that most felines possess. Its eyes are green with light brown marks underneath.


This carnivorous cat seems to be a social animal that lives in the Earth Kingdom in clowders.[2] These medium-sized, muscular felines can be found in the Lower Ring of Ba Sing Se, where the poverty of the district has allowed them to remain unregulated and has helped them adapt to the urban environment. This habitat has molded their skills as hunters to adapt to the city; they are able to scale walls, fences, and other structures as well as leap from building to building with apparent ease. Though they possess a ferocious side with sharp fangs and claws that causes the other creatures that inhabit Ba Sing Se to try and avoid the puma at all costs,[1] pygmy pumas seem to be quite affectionate animals.


Although much smaller, this cat resembles the melanistic variation of a puma.[1] They are found mostly in Canada, where they are protected from hunting, western North America and western and southern South America. Though they mostly resemble pumas, these felines act more similarly to a domesticated house cat in their affectionate state.


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