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The term "Prosecution attorney" has not been confirmed by official sources.

This prosecution attorney was responsible for prosecuting Yakone during his trial at City Hall on multiple charges of using the outlawed art of bloodbending. Her case was built around the testimony of several of Yakone's victims.[1]


Yakone's prosecution

The prosecution attorney presented her case before the United Republic Council.

In 128 AG, Republic City crime boss Yakone was tried for crimes against the city and its denizens. She was able to convince several of Yakone's victims to testify against him in court, exposing his unique ability to bloodbend at any time, without the need of a full moon.

The great amount of testimony and evidence presented against Yakone convinced the United Republic Council that he was a uniquely gifted bender who had abused his ability to maintain a grip on Republic City's criminal underworld, and a guilty of all charges verdict was delivered by Chairman Sokka, with a sentence of life in prison.

Before Yakone could be detained, the crime lord exerted his bloodbending, subduing every person in the courtroom, including the prosecution attorney, before fleeing the scene.[1]


The Legend of Korra

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