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The prison rig captain was an authority figure under the command of the warden of a Fire Nation prison rig located off the coast of the Earth Kingdom.[1]


In late 99 AG, the captain was patrolling a mining village in the Earth Kingdom with two fellow soldiers. During their walk, they encountered Katara and Sokka, who staged a fight during which Aang would use a mineshaft to mimic the prohibited art of earthbending. Upon seeing a boulder being lifted in the air following Katara's command, the rig captain mistook Momo, who was revealed sitting behind the rock, as the bending culprit, much to his surprise. However, when Sokka corrected his mistake, he took Katara into custody and brought her to the prison rig.

That night, the captain was patrolling the prison rig with a fellow guard looking for anything suspicious. Upon rounding a corner of the structure, he discovered Appa departing the prison and drew the attention of the accompanying guard to the creature. Reporting the incident, the captain relayed to the warden that he saw a flying bison, though when his superior voiced his disbelief, the captain's companion claimed they saw a "giant flying buffalo". After the warden demanded to know whether they saw a buffalo or a bison, the captain admitted not knowing the difference and questioned the importance of that detail. The remark infuriated the warden, who claimed only he would decide what the point of the matter was, and the rig captain was promptly thrown off the rig into the sea.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book One: Water (水)


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