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Pong was a minor government official who had recently moved into the affluent Upper Ring of Ba Sing Se after Team Avatar arrived at the capital. He occupied the house across from Team Avatar's Upper Ring house.[1]


After Joo Dee had left Team Avatar at their new home, Sokka noticed Pong spying on them from his home across the street. When Sokka questioned him regarding the Hundred Year War, Pong hesitated at answering. When he was asked to explain his awkward, dismissive behavior, he stated he did not want to get in any trouble, furthering that he had waited three years to acquire his house. Pong warned Aang and his friends to not mention the War within the walls, to look out for the Dai Li, and to stay away from them. This showed that Pong was well aware of the Dai Li's control over the populace of Ba Sing Se.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Two: Earth (土)


  • The writers originally intended to have Pong living with another character named Ping for comical reasons, but they decided otherwise as it was "not funny enough to put in the episode".[2]
  • In the DVD commentary for "City of Walls and Secrets", the creators revealed that they had initially intended for Pong to have a much larger comical role that would stretch to the end of the season, but that he got edited out in subsequent revisions.