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Police boat

Police boats patrolled the Pro-bending Arena during the championship final.

A police boat, also known as a river rescue ship, is a small watercraft used by the Metalbending Police Force for marine operations.[1]


These vehicles were deployed by Chief Lin Beifong around the Pro-bending Arena on the night of the Pro-bending Tournament final match as an extra security measure. They were to provide protection against any possible Equalist attack, as Amon had threatened "severe consequences" if the United Republic Council did not close down the arena. However, the Equalist forces were able to destroy all of the police boats, causing the waters around the arena to light up with the fiery wreckage of the vessels.[1]

During the Equalists' attack on Republic City, Chief Saikhan ordered that a river rescue ship be sent to Republic City's harbor to aid a police airship that had been taken out by an Equalist airship and crashed into the water. As soon as the Chief ordered that one of the ships be deployed, however, he was informed that all of the police force's river rescue ships had been sabotaged by Amon's forces.[2]


Police boats are black in coloration and appear to be powered by gasoline, since they do not have smokestacks. The boats are small, easily maneuverable, and are equipped with large spotlights on the tip of the hull for aid in nightly patrols. They are made from metal and have lifesavers on the deck for use in the instance of an emergency or accident. The interior of these boats are small, but have windows and lights within.[1]


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