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This article is about the species in The Legend of Korra. For the similar species in Avatar: The Last Airbender, see polar dog.
Polar bear dog
Polar bear dog
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Southern Water Tribe




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"Welcome to Republic City"

The polar bear dog is a large, white-furred animal that was historically feared and hunted by members of the Water Tribe.


The polar bear dog's front legs are stocky and muscular, in contrast to its more slender hind legs. It is covered in a thick white fur coat, which helps it stay warm in the harsh climates of its natural arctic habitat. The polar bear dog has an elongated snout with a black nose and large, bear-like teeth. Its face is framed by two floppy ears and black eyes. The animal also has a long tail.[1] Polar bear dogs are extremely strong creatures and can break through metal using their front paws.


Their vicious behavior is the same with those of real polar bears, though when properly tamed, their behavior is most in line of that of domesticated dogs. Due to their size and seemingly loyal nature, these animals can be trained as mounts to cross the snowy plains of the polar regions; however, Avatar Korra is the only person to have done so.[2]


This animal is a conjuncture of the real life polar bear and a Labrador. It has the bulky and robust appearance of the polar bear, but the face, lean hind legs, and tail of a dog. Like a polar bear, the large front paws help it to distribute loads when walking on snow or thin ice. It can also stand on its hind feet, but to make up for the lack of large paws, it uses its tail to keep balance.[1]


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