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"Poki isn't very good at learning."
Meelo about Poki.[1]

Poki is a ring-tailed winged lemur that lives at the Southern Air Temple. He was adopted and trained by Meelo, under the instruction of Tenzin.[1]


171 AG

When Meelo first arrived at the Southern Air Temple, he found this lemur and decided to name him Poki. However, shortly after Meelo declared Poki his pet, Poki wriggled himself free from Meelo's grasp and ran away, prompting the young airbender to pursue him.[2] The boy managed to catch up with the lemur, and the two subsequently established a connection.[3]

Poki stayed by Meelo's side as the boy attempted to train him to perform several tricks, such as sitting and rolling over. However, the animal was not interested and Meelo's first attempt had little success, as Poki became easily distracted by other noises. Upon his father's instruction, Meelo attempted to establish his dominance over Poki, but the lemur again failed to learn anything, instead jumping onto Meelo's shoulder and tickling the young airbender. Although their training was not proving to accomplish much, Poki still remained strong friends with Meelo, wanting to sleep in the boy's bed. However, as part of the training, the animal was told to sleep on the ground, as he needed to learn that he was not Meelo's equal. Poki eventually did so, though with great reluctance and sadness.

Poki's training eventually paid off: at Meelo's command, he performed tricks in front of the young airbender's family and even led an aerial display with the other lemurs living at the air temple, that Meelo had also managed to successfully train.[1]

Two weeks after Harmonic Convergence, Poki hopped onto Meelo's head as they joined Ikki in a quick tour of Team Avatar's new airship.[4] A few days later, while Meelo was overseeing the training of new airbenders on Air Temple Island, Poki remained perched on his owner's shoulders and watched as the trainees attempted to pass through the airbending gates.[5]

174 AG

Poki was perched on Meelo's shoulders when the young airbender told his mother that he and his sisters would have no need for her pre-made food as they would be living off the land while on their quest to locate Korra. As Meelo turned his back to the provisions and crossed his arms, Poki mimicked the movement, though his aloof attitude dropped when Pema revealed that there were sweet buns with happy faces included in the bag. While the three airbenders said goodbye to their parents, Poki already procured himself a spot on Pepper's saddle, where he awaited their departure.[6]


The Legend of Korra

Book Two: Spirits (神靈)

Book Three: Change (易)

Book Four: Balance (平衡)


  • Unlike the rest of his species, the inner membranes of Poki's ears are white. Other ring-tailed winged lemurs have grayish pink inner ear membranes.


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