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Painted Lady statuette

Xu's Painted Lady statuette.

The Painted Lady statuettes are small statues and sculptures found throughout Jang Hui that depict its guardian spirit, the Painted Lady. After witnessing an unforeseen return of the entity, numerous villagers erected statuettes of varying sizes across the town in honor of her contributions.[1]


After hearing about myths of the Painted Lady, Katara secretly assumed her persona and helped the villagers of Jang Hui by healing them and giving them food at night. Katara also modeled her clothes and makeup after the statuettes displayed around the village.[2]

When the group went out to buy food from Xu's store, the owner explained how a spirit visited them during the night and he took out a small statuette of the spirit. A large, full-size statue was also raised in the town square.[1]


  • Xu presented Team Avatar with two different statuettes: the first depiction was wearing a large hat and had both arms lowered to the sides, while the second had a considerably smaller hat and both arms raised to chest level.
  • The large statue of the Painted Lady that the villagers erected had both hands arranged in traditional Buddhist mudrās, or ritual gestures.
    • The left hand coincides with the Varada mudrā, signifying the bestowment of blessings and charity.
    • The right hand is in between the Karana mudrā and Abhaya mudrā, signifying the expulsion of sickness and protection from evil, respectively.
  • Suyin Beifong has a Painted Lady statuette among the possessions in her study in Zaofu.[3]


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