Fire Nation emblem
Ozai's airship

Ozai's airship led the fleet to Wulong Forest after leaving the island.

Ozai's personal airship was an enormous Fire Nation air force airship used by Phoenix King Ozai.


After the Fire Nation's defeat at the battle for the Northern Air Temple, forces led by War Minister Qin captured an experimental war balloon constructed by the mechanist,[1] the design of which was subsequently updated and enhanced to become the much larger Fire Nation airship.

Ozai's base

Ozai kept his airship at a secret base.

Ozai's airship was constructed at a secret island off the coast of the Earth Kingdom shortly before the battle at Wulong Forest.[2] When the fleet departed the island, Sokka, Toph, and Suki arrived and managed to jump onto one of the regular airships, where they gave chase for Ozai's airship. However, Ozai's airship proved to be remarkably fast, leaving them unable to catch up with him.

However, just after the airship fleet proceeded to lay waste to the Earth Kingdom, Aang arrived and struck Ozai's airship with comet-enhanced firebending, damaging the airship's rotors and causing it to begin to drop. Ozai abandoned his airship to carry out his final showdown with the Avatar, leaving it to crash into the forest below, rendering it inoperable.[3]


The ship was designed after a standard Fire Nation airship, but was much larger. Due to his huge ego, Ozai was not content with having the same airship as the rest of his men, so he ordered his engineers to build a bigger one.[4] On the front was a golden phoenix instead of the bronze dragon head that the other ships had. The ship also had walkways on its underbelly where firebenders stood and burned enemy targets. The airship also had the addition of an extra pair of intake pipes into the engines, giving a much faster airspeed than the standard airship design.[3]


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