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Oyaji was the leader of a village on Kyoshi Island. Proud that Kyoshi Island had stayed out of the Hundred Year War[2] and wary of outsiders who might threaten the island's peace, he was initially distrustful of Aang and his friends when they first arrived on the island, believing them to be Fire Nation spies. However, he later stood beside them and helped get his people to safety when the Fire Nation attacked.


Oyaji was appointed to the position of village leader around 79 AG, twenty years before Team Avatar's arrival.[2]

When Avatar Aang, Katara, and Sokka came to Kyoshi Island, Oyaji, Suki, and the other Kyoshi Warriors were initially suspicious of Aang. They believed that he was the Avatar, however, once he displayed airbending abilities. After Prince Zuko and his forces landed on the island, Oyaji ran to Sokka and the Kyoshi Warriors to warn them of their approach. He later quietly thanked Aang after the latter used the unagi to extinguish the fires resulting from the fight between Aang and the Kyoshi Warriors and the Fire Nation.[1]

A few months later, he helped Katara and Sokka in their quest to clear Aang's name after he was imprisoned in Chin Village. He explained the legend surrounding Avatar Kyoshi's weapons and clothing while sternly trying to keep the siblings from touching them and explained the meaning of The Birth of Kyoshi. He also informed Sokka about Suki's departure from Kyoshi Island and the influence Team Avatar had on her.[3]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book One: Water (水)

Book Two: Earth (土)


  • Oyaji (親父, おやじ) is an informal Japanese word meaning "old man", which is used to affectionately refer to a father, long-time boss, or older relative; this reflects Oyaji's position in his village.


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