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Outer space is a term used to describe everything existing outside of Earth's atmosphere. It mostly consists of empty space with clusters of stars, but also solid matter such as comets and meteoroids.

The basic observations of astronomy have given an understanding of planetary movements as well as the ability to make simple predictions, such as calculating the arrival of comets, forecasting eclipses, and distinguishing waxing and waning moons. The positions of various celestial bodies relative to Earth have a significant impact on bending and spirituality.[1][2]

Known visitors


Planetary alignment

Harmonic Convergence occurs during a rare planetary alignment.

  • The word "space" was specifically mentioned as the place from where the meteorite that made Toph's bracelet and Sokka's sword originated, showing an awareness that the material did not come from Earth.[3]
  • There are eight planets in the solar system, the third and the seventh of which are surrounded by rings.[4]


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