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Ostrich horse
Ostrich horse
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Transportation, beasts of burden, cavalry mount

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"Winter Solstice, Part 1: The Spirit World"

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The ostrich horse is a domesticated animal of the Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and the United Republic that is frequently used as a mount or beast of burden.


When Iroh was captured by a group of Earth Kingdom soldiers who attempted to bring him to Ba Sing Se, the soldiers used ostrich horses as their mounts.[1] Later, upon Team Avatar's visit to General Fong's fortress, Fong and his army rode many ostrich horses.[2] After Zuko and Iroh became refugees and roamed the Earth Kingdom lands, Zuko stole an ostrich horse from Song's home, which the duo used as a transportation method on their travels through the Earth Kingdom.[3]

Fire Nation soldiers manned ostrich horses at the sendoff of Zuko, Azula, Ty Lee, and Mai the morning of their leave for the homeland.[4] The Fire Nation's domestic army also used ostrich horses to escort a decoy caravan from the harbor to the Fire Nation Capital in an attempt to draw out members of the New Ozai Society.[5]

After being found guilty for his crimes in Republic City, Yakone escaped his trial via ostrich horse-drawn carriage after bloodbending all the attendees in City Hall. However, the animal and the carriage were separated by a blast of airbending from Aang.[6]


Ostrich horses are brown, bipedal, bird-like creatures approximately ten feet tall. They have two toes facing forward and one facing backward. They have wide flat tails and short, stubby wings. Their heads and necks are equine, along with their tails, but their beaks and legs are avian. Ostrich horses can also jump extremely high and are capable of running along vertical surfaces, even when carrying soldiers in full armor.


Armored ostrich horses

The Earth Kingdom cavalry used ostrich horses as mounts.

The ostrich horse is an extremely useful animal to the people of the Earth Kingdom, especially the Earth Kingdom soldiers.[2] Bearing the name of two mountable animals, the ostrich horse is the main mount of the Earth Kingdom. Highly trained ostrich horses are even equipped with armor and often used in battles by the Earth Kingdom Army.[7]

Ostrich horses appear in body armor that covers their head, neck and part of their sides. These docile creatures are a lot like our version of a horse, used for transportation and to carry supplies. They can be equipped with a saddle as well as be used to pull carriages and other vehicles.[8] Ostrich horses have been known to buck and kick their riders and nearby bystanders when startled or agitated.


The ostrich horse, as its name indicates, is a cross between an ostrich and a horse. The body of the creature resembles that of an ostrich while its tail, neck, and head resemble that of a horse. They also strongly resemble prehistoric "terror birds" such as the diatryma, as well as the extinct giant moa of New Zealand.


  • After the Hundred Year War, a pro-bending team named itself the Orchid Gardens Ostrich Horses.[9]
  • Before cars were invented, ostrich horses pulled people in carriages, much like horses in the real world did before cars were invented.
  • The ostrich horse was featured in one of the first films in the Avatar World.[10] This parallels the real world development of moving pictures, as one of the first films to be produced was that of a galloping horse.
  • While growing up on a farm, Varrick owned an ostrich horse named "Mrs. Beaks".[11]


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