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The organ grinder was Kenji's older brother. Since he lacked aptitude for either medicine or zoo work, he became a musician. The man owned two monkeys that would dance to his music.[1]


When Momo was flying through Ba Sing Se in search of Appa, he ran into three pygmy pumas who attacked him. In search of cover, the lemur ran into a crowd, but was picked up by the organ grinder, who mistook Momo for a monkey due to his poor eyesight. He slapped a hat on Momo's head and threw him into the middle of the circle to perform with his other two monkeys. Momo danced, earning the praise of amused spectators, until the pygmy pumas grew bold enough to attack him during his performance, causing him to flee the scene.[2]


  • Kenji (younger brother)


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Two: Earth (土)


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