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This old civilian[2] was a citizen of the Fire Nation living in the Earth Kingdom town of Gaipan during the Hundred Year War. He was attacked and mugged by Jet and the other Freedom Fighters while traveling through the woods near his town.[1]


When this old man was strolling through a forest in early 100 AG, he was ambushed by Jet, who had leaped down from the trees. The man attempted to reason with Jet, though to no avail as the Freedom Fighters' leader used his hook swords to knock the former's cane away. As the old man backed away, he bumped into the large body of Pipsqueak and fell to the ground. As he tried to crawl away, the man was pinned to the ground by Pipsqueak's foot on his back, while Jet roughly asked him if he liked to destroy towns and families. He pleaded with Jet to let him go and show mercy, though his words only set the Freedom Fighters' leader off, who exclaimed that he was merely mirroring the ways of the Fire Nation. The man covered his head in anticipation of Jet's kick, though the attack never came as Sokka intervened on his behalf. The Freedom Fighters proceeded with mugging the elderly civilian and left him on the path in the middle of the forest.

When Sokka later came to Gaipan to warn the villagers of the incoming flood, the old man vouched for the Water Tribe warrior and urged the others to trust him. Together, they were able to evacuate the village just before Jet destroyed the dam, effectively flooding and destroying the town.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book One: Water (水)


  • The old civilian was accused by Jet of being an assassin sent to murder him as he had allegedly carried a knife with a vial of poison in the handle.[1]


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