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Indifferent Azula I am a 400 foot tall purple platypus bear with pink horns and silver wings.

The following information is not considered canon.

Ohev was a child of one of the families who worked for the Beifong family in the Earth Kingdom. Due to his desire to see the world, however, he left his parents and started to travel alone. He soon met Chong, Lily, and the other nomads and decided to travel with them.[1]


He, as well as Avatar Aang and the others, ran into the singing nomads in the Fire Nation and decided to participate in a Love Fest. After a harsh and awkward first encounter, Toph and Ohev connected with one another. They danced in what was known as a "true fall", while Ohev obviously became infatuated with the blind earthbender. When he left, he gave Toph a kiss on the cheek as she and Team Avatar were saying goodbye to the gang of traveling nomads. In return, Toph gave him a heart she created using earthbending.[1]


  • In Hebrew, ohev (אוֹהֵב) means "loves" or "to love", a reference to Ohev's infatuation with Toph.


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