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Long Feng and Dai Li agents
This is nothing more than ... a construction project.

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Iroh and Earth Kingdom children Admit mistakes when they occur and seek to restore honor.

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North and South Part 1 is the first installment of the North and South trilogy. It was released in comic book stores on September 14, 2016, and in mass market retailers on September 27, 2016.[1]


When Aang leaves to aid Zuko with the Kemurikage, Katara and Sokka return to the Southern Water Tribe by themselves. Katara is shocked to find that her beloved village has become a bustling city, with none other than their father, Hakoda, in charge! A Northerner named Malina seems to be behind this change, pushing the North and South to be more unified ... but what are her true goals?[2]


Katara dreams of being a small child, being woken up by her mother. Kya calls her to see the village with the sun out, after the snow has stopped. She asks Katara if it is not beautiful, and Katara agrees. Kya keeps asking her to wake up, and Katara notices Kya does not sound like herself. Katara is wakes up on a ship, Sokka asking her to wake up, telling her they have arrived. Katara sleepily asks Sokka if it is him, and when he asks if she is ok, Katara tells him she had a dream that was happy and sad, though mostly happy.

The two disembark from the ship, Katara noting nothing looks familiar, and Sokka following that their map says, pointing out her past admission no one reads a map like him. Katara corrects him, pointing out she only said that once. Katara notices penguin sledders at the top of a hill. She asks Sokka if it reminds him of anything, but Sokka draws a blank. Katara explains it reminds her of the day they met Aang. Sokka agrees but mistakenly remembers Katara being the one suspicious of Aang being a Fire Nation spy at the time. The two penguin sled down the hill, and Sokka hits a wooden beam.

Katara fighting construction workers

Upon seeing three grown men wanting to hurt a group of kids, Katara rapidly prepares to defend them.

The two notice the construction project at place and wonder what it is. Sokka asks a child playing nearby what the construction is, but the child refuses to talk to him, saying his mother told him not to speak with strangers. Sokka introduces himself as a fellow southerner. The child throws a snowball at his face. Sokka catches up to the child, and members of the construction crew approach them, telling they are trespassing. One of the playing children had use the no-trespassing sign to build a snowman. Katara concedes the point, telling them she and Sokka will make sure the children leave. One of the crew members, annoyed this is the third that week children have trespassed, waterbends at them. Katara blocks the attack and admonishes him for attacking little children. Katara tells the children to leave, but Sokka tells them to stay, assuring them the fight will be awesome, though painful for the crew members. Two of the crew members block Katara's several snowballs, merging them into a bigger snowball, and throw it back at her. Katara takes control of it, and adds spikes to it. The construction crew members give up. One of the children is in awe of the fight, as Sokka said they would be. The construction crew members say they were only going to scare the children, not actually hurt them. Katara tells them to build a fence if they want to keep people out of the construction site. Katara tells the children that even if the crew members were jerks, they were right, and that they should not be playing there. Sokka says they will talk them home and asks where they live. The boy points at the city and is confused when Sokka asks if he is from the village.

Sokka and Katara arrive at the city, much more urbanized than when they left. Katara thinks their village is gone, Sokka is excited that it is better and spots Auntie Ashuna. The three greet each other, and Katara asks how is business. Ashuna says it has been steady, and when Katara asks why she has a cart instead of her hut, Ashuna explains it got torn down, and that she lives in a building now. She offers them her seal jerky, noting they have not had it in years, and Sokka mentions it is as sturdy as he remembers. Ashuna calls out to the crowd, telling them of Sokka and Katara's arrival. The crowd welcomes them, asking questions about their adventures. Kanna wonders what the commotion is about and reunites with her grandchildren, having missed them dearly. Katara tells Kanna she has not changed a bit, and Kanna points out Sokka got taller. Sokka claims to have gotten muscular, but an approaching Pakku doubts him. Pakku also notes he is their grandfather now, having married Kanna three weeks prior, much to Sokka's shock. Katara is disappointed they have missed the ceremony, musing they should have returned sooner. Pakku and Kanna explain there was no ceremony, having eloped to the Misty Palms Oasis. Pakku notes it did not live up to its name, and Kanna points out that was not important, as they had a wonderful time. Pakku asks Katara to visit his waterbending school, as he could use her help. Katara wonders where he got students, Pakku only telling her it is interesting, reiterating her to drop by. Sokka offers his help as well. Pakku points out Sokka is not a bender, but Sokka says he is a bender of motivation. Kanna tells them how Hakoda told them how accomplished they have become. Pakku notes Hakoda does that too often. Sokka asks where their father is, and Pakku tells him Hakoda is in his office in the town hall, much to Sokka's astonishment. Kanna tells them Hakoda is not just a local chieftain anymore, and that he has been elected head chieftain of the entire Southern Water Tribe.

Katara and Sokka arrive at the town hall, Sokka impressed by it, while Katara finds it very unlike their father. The two knock on Hakoda's door, who answers he will be done in a second, not looking at the door. Katara announces herself, and Hakoda goes to hug his children. Sokka asks what they are building, and Hakoda explains it is a new office, as the building they are in is a temporary situation, as it is meant for local government. Katara is relieved to hear this, not seeing her father as a fancy guy. Hakoda agrees with Katara, but before he can continue, he is interrupted by a woman in the office, who excitedly explains the new building will be the most magnificent in the south's history, fit for a head of state, much to Katara's unease. She shows them the blueprints for a palace, astonishing Katara and impressing Sokka. Katara questions Hakoda, who explains that while he never would have thought to build it, the palace being Malina's idea, he has come to embrace it. Malina believes that a palace will command respect from the other nations, showing them they are a people to be reckoned with, something she believes the south needs more than ever. Katara questions her statement. Hakoda further explains Malina's point that the Southern Water Tribe will take a more active role in collaborating with other nations, and it needs to do so as an equal partner. Sokka suggests adding a slide in the middle of the palace, which Malina believes to be a joke, Sokka being serious about it. Changing her mind, Malina invites Sokka to be a consultant on the construction, much to his excitement. Katara tells Sokka he does not want to be a consultant, Sokka points out that being a consultant just involves telling people what to do, and Katara concedes the point. Katara apologizes to Hakoda for taking them so long to return home, though Hakoda understands they were helping the Avatar rebuild. Someone points out that rebuilding takes time.

Hakoda properly introduces Malina and Maliq, from the Northern Water Tribe, their construction crew aiding the Southern Reconstruction Project. Malina explains that though they are northerners, they spent most of their lives in the Earth Kingdom. Sokka and Katara welcome them to the south, and Maliq tells them they have kept up with news about them ever since learning they saved Tui and La. Malina can hardly believe they are meeting celebrities. Sokka denies being celebrities, just heroes.

Sokka and Katara bump into Noa, Kam and Soonjei once again

Having gotten off to a bad start, Sokka and Katara were not pleased to bump into Noa, Kam, and Soonjei once again.

Three men arrive, asking Malina if she is done with a plan. They are the men Katara fought with earlier that day, and the two groups recognize each other. Hakoda introduces them Noa and Kam, waterbenders, and Soonjei, an earthbender, as the finest in the world. Sokka is skeptical of their reputation and begins telling how Katara defeated them. Before he can continue, Noa points out they specialize in construction bending, not combat, that they are artists, not fighters. Sokka adds they are the burliest artists he has ever seen. Malina takes it they have met, which Katara and Noa confirm, Noa adding they resolved some issues they had earlier. Katara adds they have thoughtfully decided to build a fence, something she thinks they should have done from the beginning. Maliq tells them he wanted them to do that from the beginning, per regulations. Malina tells them they are done for the day, and that she will hand them blueprints first thing in the morning. Maliq and Malina offer to take them for dinner to celebrate. Katara begins to politely turn down the invitation, since they are tired, but Sokka readily accepts it. Maliq goes to grab his briefcase, preferring to keep it on his person, despite Malina thinking it is fine to leave in the office.

While eating dinner at the Two Fishes Northern Cuisine, Malina points out how she was having a hard time with Southern cooking, due to the fact that Southern food is so close to Northern food that it simply tastes "off" to her, consequentially offending Katara. Sokka remarks that the presence of meat in the dish is the determining factor for him to enjoy food. As the conversation continues, a boy and a girl arrive at the restaurant. They sneak up on the group and while the boy apologizes for spilling soup all over the table, being forgiven by Malina, the girl steals Maliq's briefcase. The girl starts running in the direction of the exit, only to be stopped by Malina's waterbending. The boy hurls the empty soup bowl at Malina, rendering her unconscious and allowing the two youngsters to escape with the briefcase. Katara asks Hakoda to make sure Malina is all right while she and Sokka pursue the thieves.

Running outside, they find the boy and girl have commandeered a snowmobile; as the girl starts the engine, the boy yells at her to hurry, and Sokka gives chase on foot. He is able to grab the boy's arm, but the boy swings the briefcase at him, hitting him in the head and throwing him off. Katara and Sokka chase them to the outskirts of the city, but they fail to catch them. Unwilling to let the fugitives escape so easily, Katara waterbends a sled out of ice. With Sokka sitting in the front and her standing in the back, she uses waterbending to propel them forward, and in moments, they have caught up with the snowmobile. The fugitives attempt to use the terrain to lose their pursuers, even driving off a cliff at one point, but when the fall shatters Katara's sled, she simply makes a new one and continues the chase. Eventually, the fugitives brake hard and veer away, vanishing into the trees. Following the trail of the snowmobile, Katara and Sokka find it abandoned in the snow a short distance away. Climbing a short hill, which Katara makes easier by bending steps into its slope, the two find that the boy and girl's footprints lead into the abandoned shipwreck of a Fire Nation ship.

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