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Noa was a waterbender from the Northern Water Tribe contracted by Malina and Maliq as a member of their construction team for the Southern Reconstruction Project.[1]


Noa, along with Kam and Soonjei, was contracted by Malina and Maliq as part of a construction team they assembled for the reconstruction of the Southern Water Tribe shortly after the end of the Hundred Year War. When Katara and Sokka returned to the South Pole in 102 AG, Noa and his two colleagues encountered the siblings when they were, along with several children from the village, trespassing on a construction site. He told them they were not allowed to be there and intended to teach the children a lesson as it was the third time that week the construction crew found the children trespassing on their terrain.

Katara defeated Noa, Kam, and Soonjei

Noa, Kam, and Soonjei surrendered to Katara after losing a waterbending duel to her.

Noa attacked the child near Sokka with his waterbending, causing Katara to pelt him and his colleagues with snowballs in retaliation. Noa and Kam combined their bending to merge Katara's snowballs into one large ball and launch it back at her, declaring that she was apparently the one in need of a lesson. Katara, however, easily stopped the ball from crushing her, gave it dangerous spikes and intended on throwing it at the three construction workers. Frightened by the sight, Noa surrendered and reasoned with Katara that they only intended on scaring the children, not hurt them. They trio quickly retreated back inside the half-finished building afterward, leaving Katara and Sokka to lead the children out of there.[1]

Sokka and Katara bump into Noa, Kam and Soonjei again

Noa was not pleased to encounter Katara a second time.

Noa, Kam, and Soonjei encountered Katara and Sokka and when they entered Hakoda's office, where they hoped to find Malina and Maliq in regards to a blueprint. Instantly recognizing each other, the atmosphere between Noa and Katara became tense, but Hakoda introduced them properly, pointing out that the trio was among the finest construction builders in the world and part of Malina and Maliq's crew. After exchanging some heated glares with Katara, Malina dismissed Noa and the rest of the crew.[1]

In the evening the following day, Noa, Kam, and Soonjei attended the festival Malina and Maliq threw in for the entire city in honor of their partnership with Earthen Fire Industries. Malina's speech was interrupted by Gilak and his army, prompting Noa and his two friends to join Malina and Maliq on stage, believing the siblings were going to need their help. Before they could reach them, however, Gilak's army attacked.

By the time the trio reached the siblings, Katara had already come to their defense. However, mistaking her intentions, Noa attacked her from behind, knocking her to the ground by letting a nearby tower of ice collapse on her. He smugly claimed his payback and berated Malina for trusting Katara, as she is "one of them". He told the siblings to get to safety while he, Kam, and Soonjei would keep the Southerners at bay. When Malina protested, saying they needed to ensure Katara was safe, he roughly pointed out that it was his job to ensure Malina and Maliq were safe and that Katara was, as a Southerner, used to a brutal treatment.

Toph defeated Noa, Kam, and Soonjei

Noa was easily defeated in battle by Toph Beifong.

As advertised, Noa, Kam, and Soonjei used their respective bending abilities to keep the advancing Southerners at bay. However, they were defeated by Toph, who knocked them out with a mighty blow of her earth gauntlets. They were subsequently taken into custody by Hakoda's men, but after the battle was over, they were all released on the condition that they left the South the following day, which they did.[2]


Noa, Kam, and Soonjei bending

Despite being a construction bender, Noa could hold his own in a fight.

Noa was an accomplished waterbender, able to hold his own against nonbending opponents.[2] However, since he was more accustomed to using his bending abilities for construction work than fighting, he was easily overpowered when faced with a trained bender.[1]


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