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The home page for Book One: Water features a map of the entire World of Avatar.'s Avatar Index was a large source of canonical information on the World of Avatar, with content contributions from Michael Dante DiMartino, Tim Hedrick, and Joshua Hamilton.[1] The index was removed at some point and is no longer hosted on


The home page of the index is a map, as well as links to information on waterbending, earthbending, firebending, and airbending. From there, one can cycle through to maps of Book One: Water, Book Two: Earth, both of which depict the Avatar world, or Book Three: Fire, a map solely of the Fire Nation and set as the default.

On each map, there are several white dots marking where an episode took place. When hovered over, a pop-up with Aang's face appears that shows the book number, episode number, and episode name to which the dot is linked.

Episode pages

Upon clicking the white button link, a viewer will be shown several different flashes of landscape art, and after a short while a page on the episode. There are several sections written on a bar at the top, and when clicked they will lead to a different entry on the appropriate subject as seen in the episode. On the bottom, there is a bar providing links to the pages for all other episodes in the book, as listed by the season and episode number. The last two episodes of Book Three are merged into one page, titled Into the Inferno & Avatar Aang.


This is the default entry that is shown when one clicks the link to the episode. When one visits this page, information on the episode appears on the left side, while on the right is a picture of Aang and his staff.


Upon clicking the "characters" section, one sees a slider with the faces of several characters seen in the episode. Upon clicking one of the faces, the full body of that character is seen, as well as their name and a brief description of who they are.


When the "creatures" section is clicked, all creature entries on the page are shown, including an image of the creature, their name, and a brief description are shown.

New locations

In the "new locations" section, there are images at the bottom of locations visited in the episode. When one of the images is clicked, a larger version of the picture appears in addition to an entry on that location.

Gear & more

In the "gear & more" section, either objects or other miscellaneous items from the episode will be shown on a slider similar to the one in the "characters" section. The slider is a little larger, however, and the images are of the whole item instead of just a small part of it.



Kya's page on spells her name wrong and has a picture of a Southern Raider rather than one of Kya.


  • A section titled "Katara's diary" was originally present on the episode pages, however, clicking it would lead only to a message stating that its content was coming soon. The section was never updated, and it was eventually removed from the index.


  1. Blu-ray commentary for "The Sting".

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