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This article is about Team Avatar in The Legend of Korra. For the group in Avatar: The Last Airbender, see Team Avatar.
Forming a new Team Avatar
Team Avatar
General information
Notable members
  • Asami
  • Bolin
  • Korra
  • Mako

Air Temple Island (until late 170 AG)


The world



Chronological information
First appearance

"When Extremes Meet"

Team Avatar is the name used by Avatar Korra, Mako, Bolin, and Asami to refer to themselves after the battle in Hiroshi Sato's secret workshop. The name of the group was devised by Bolin directly before an anti-Equalist patrol of Republic City and it was enthusiastically accepted by the other members.[1]



After Avatar Korra arrived in Republic City and joined the Fire Ferrets,[2] she became good friends with Mako and Bolin.[3] Following Bolin's kidnapping by the Equalists, Korra and Mako infiltrated Amon's revelation rally and rescued him before Amon had the chance to remove his earthbending. Mako became romantically involved with Asami after she accidentally hit him with her moped.[4]

When Amon attacked and significantly damaged the Pro-bending Arena,[5] Mako and Bolin moved to Asami's mansion to live with her and her father.[6] During a visit to the Sato estate, Korra overheard Hiroshi talking on the phone in a suspicious manner, making her very concerned. After warning Chief Beifong and Tenzin, the three of them, along with the Metalbending Police Force, successfully located a secret Equalist factory beneath the Sato mansion. After being ambushed by Hiroshi and the other Equalists in the factory, a brief battle ensued. Following the investigating team's defeat by Hiroshi's mecha tanks, Mako and Bolin took it upon themselves to rescue Korra, Tenzin, and Lin. With Asami's help, the group was able to escape Hiroshi's forces and flee from the estate on a police airship. Korra told Mako that he, Bolin, and Asami were welcome to live on Air Temple Island with her.[6] Respective to their opposition to the Equalists, a major reason behind their formation was to revolt against Tarrlok's methods of law enforcement, which was perceived as counterproductive and oppressive.

Patrolling Republic City

Team Avatar and captured Equalists

Team Avatar helped apprehend some Equalists and escaped convicts.

Team Avatar immediately took their newfound responsibility of protecting Republic City very seriously, and their first action was to patrol the city's streets. After Naga's refusal to carry all four members, Asami suggested that they use her Satomobile as a means of transportation. During their patrol, they heard about convicted Equalists breaking out of police headquarters, and rushed to capture them. After their motorcycles and the truck were stopped and the chi blockers were captured, Tarrlok arrived on the scene, furious that Korra was there and had done the job of his task force, giving a final warning to her not to get in his way.

The next day, the team headed to the Dragon Flats borough after hearing about an Equalist rally in the area. Upon their arrival however, they realized that the rally was simply a protest conducted by a large group of nonbending citizens, resulting from Tarrlok's decision to sever their electrical power. Korra attempted to get Tarrlok and the metalbending officers to stand down, but the waterbender ignored her and called for the arrest of the entire crowd. Korra quickly stopped the metalbenders as they began to comply and in response, Tarrlok arrested Asami, Mako, and Bolin, separating Team Avatar.[1]

The two brothers and Asami, who were freed by Lin Beifong, eventually learned of the traitorous councilman's agenda and decided that their only hope of finding Korra was to track down and neutralize Tarrlok. They later reunited with Korra in the aftermath of her escape from Tarrlok's imprisonment.[7]

Defending Republic City

Team Avatar and the White Lotus

Team Avatar witnessed Tenzin and his family's departure from Air Temple Island.

During the battle for Republic City, Team Avatar took it upon themselves to assist in the fight against the Equalists. The group headed toward the police headquarters just as Tenzin, Saikhan, and some metalbending officers were being abducted by Equalists in mecha tanks. Once the group arrived, they launched their empty Satomobile at one of the tanks, successfully destroying them both. The group freed Tenzin, and together they continued fighting, eventually being able to destroy all of the mecha tanks. Immediately after, however, the group realized that a number of Equalist airships were heading toward Air Temple Island, and so they quickly got on Oogi and flew back to Tenzin's home.

Upon their arrival, Tenzin discovered that Lin Beifong, along with Tenzin's children, had successfully defeated the invaders. Meanwhile, Pema was giving birth to her second son, Rohan. Team Avatar filtered into one of the temple's rooms to see the baby, but was interrupted by the realization that more airships were heading toward the island. Tenzin and his family escaped on Oogi, while Team Avatar used Naga to swim underwater back toward the city to hide among Republic City's hobo population until the United Forces arrived.[8] Realizing that the city had fallen, Korra and her team moved to the city's underground network of tunnels, where Gommu was staying along with the bender and nonbender citizens. They decided that Korra and Mako go undercover as Equalists to gather new information. They were both present during Hiroshi Sato's speech near the City Hall, and subsequently informed Bolin and Asami about it. When the United Forces came, the team watched from the secret tunnel near the sea. However, the Equalists attacked the fleet with a biplane raid; Korra saved General Iroh from the sinking fleet. The team decided to split up: Mako and Korra planned to ambush Amon at Air Temple Island while Asami, Bolin, and General Iroh put Hiroshi Sato's secret airbase out of commission.[9]

Ending the Revolution

On Air Temple Island, Korra and Mako found Tarrlok in a makeshift jail cell up in the attic, where he informed them about Amon's true identity: Noatak, his older brother. Tarrlok told them about his childhood with Noatak, Yakone, and bloodbending training. They decided to go to the Pro-bending Arena to expose Amon as a bender during his victory rally. After failing to convince the crowd, Mako and Korra discovered that Tenzin and his family had been captured by Amon. Korra and Mako managed to free them and prevent Amon from taking away their airbending abilities. Meanwhile, Bolin and Asami began destroying the Equalists' airfield, defeating Hiroshi in the process, while Iroh took care of the biplanes that managed to take off. Amon found Korra and Mako, and removed Korra's bending. However, the Lieutenant had witnessed him bloodbending the Avatar. He attacked his former leader, but was easily incapacitated. Mako managed to strike Amon, but was later taken out as well. He almost lost his bending, but was saved by the timely awakening of Korra's airbending. Korra launched Amon out the window into Yue Bay, where he waterbent to save himself from drowning, inadvertently exposing himself as a bender and a fraud in front of all of his supporters, thus ending the revolution.[10]

Within six months of Amon's defeat, the gang went their separate ways. Korra embarked on a quest to master the spiritual aspects of being the Avatar, while Asami assumed leadership of Future Industries, which was struggling to regain the public's trust due to its involvement in the revolution. Mako left the Fire Ferrets and became a policeman, his role as captain being taken by Bolin, who was joined by two new teammates after the reinstatement of pro-bending as a sport.[11]

Opposing Unalaq

Freeing Tonraq

While Korra, Asami, and Mako freed Tonraq and the other Southern Water Tribe rebels, Bolin remained at the helm, ready to speed away.

Following the revelation of Unalaq's designs on the Southern Water Tribe and his role in Tonraq's banishment, the team worked together once again to oppose Korra's uncle and free Tonraq and the other rebels. After forming a plan with Varrick, who was being hunted by Unalaq's forces, the team split up, with Korra, Mako, and Asami tasked with infiltrating the prison while Bolin and Varrick were to secure the latter's yacht. Despite being discovered by Unalaq and subsequently learning that the rebels were being transferred to the Northern Water Tribe, the gang was successful in escaping the South's harbor and freeing the prisoners. Afterward, the team agreed to return to Republic City and attempt to gain the support of the United Forces, while Tonraq and the other rebels would oppose Unalaq for as long as they could. After parting with the rebels and discovering an enraged Eska chasing after Bolin for breaking up with her, Varrick and Team Avatar sped away toward Republic City.

After arriving at their destination, the group learned that news of the brewing civil war had already spread throughout the city. Korra led a peace march through the city, during which the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center was bombed. The next day, as Mako began investigating the bombing, Korra and Varrick met with President Raiko, who refused to send the United Forces to help the South, preferring a diplomatic solution. Per Varrick's suggestion, the Avatar went to see General Iroh directly to win support for the South, but was prevented from doing so by Raiko, who had been informed by a reluctant Mako about Korra's plan. Ultimately, the group split up, each attempting to support the South in their own way. Mako continued his investigation, believing that the Agni Kai Triad was responsible, but decided to break up with Korra upon being confronted for informing the President about her plan. Asami and Varrick planned to ship mecha tanks to the South in order to aid the rebels and prevent Future Industries from going into bankruptcy. The businessman concurrently worked with Bolin to create a propaganda mover that would shift public opinion toward support for the South. Korra, using a speedboat supplied by Varrick, traveled to the Fire Nation to seek the Fire Lord's support, but was attacked by Desna and Eska. Following a brief battle, Korra was consumed by a massive dark spirit.[12]

Asami reveals her plan

In order to get Korra, Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin into the Spirit World, Asami suggested an aerial attack, with herself, Mako, and Bumi serving as decoys.

As time went by, each team member was occupied in one way or another, saddening Bolin, who missed how they used to be. However, after he thwarted Varrick's ploy to kidnap President Raiko, the team got together again in a last attempt to stop Unalaq before Harmonic Convergence came around. Aided by Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin, the team set out to the South Pole on a battleship they acquired from Varrick in order to breach the Northern defenses and enter the Spirit World through the Southern spirit portal.[13] Severely outnumbered, Asami came up with a tactical plan in which she, Mako, and Bolin would use a biplane to create a diversion as to allow Korra, Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin to break through and enter the Spirit World. Although the plan worked for a while, the unaccounted for intervention of several dark spirits and Desna and Eska caused the plan to ultimately fail and everyone, save Bumi, was arrested and imprisoned by the Northern soldiers.

Team Avatar at the spirit portal

At the spirit portal, the team split up; Asami took care of Tonraq while Mako and Bolin occupied Unalaq to give Korra enough time to close the spirit portals before Harmonic Convergence started.

A few hours before the start of Harmonic Convergence, they were rescued by Bumi, who had singlehandedly taken out the entire Northern encampment, enabling them to reach the spirit portal. There, Korra asked Asami to take care of a heavily wounded Tonraq, and the Sato heiress subsequently returned to the Southern Water Tribe compound. While Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin searched the Spirit World for Jinora's spirit, Mako and Bolin battled Unalaq in an attempt to give Korra the time to close the spirit portals before the start of Harmonic Convergence. Although the plan seemed to work, the arrival of Harmonic Convergence and the subsequent amplification of spiritual energy proved to be too much for Korra to overpower, and her attempt to close the Southern portal was negated, enabling Vaatu to break free from the Tree of Time.[14]

In an attempt to prevent Unalaq from merging with Vaatu, Korra expelled her uncle from the Spirit World by tossing him through the Southern portal and tasked Mako and Bolin to keep him from entering again. While Korra battled Vaatu, the bending brothers held their own against the Chief of the Water Tribes, though when Desna and Eska came to their father's aid, the two brothers were overpowered. Their defeat enabled Unalaq to reenter the Spirit World, where he prevented Korra from imprisoning Vaatu again in the Tree of Time and subsequently merged with the Dark Spirit, becoming the Dark Avatar.[15]

After the Dark Avatar managed to extract Raava from Korra's body and destroy the Light Spirit, Mako and Bolin guarded the Tree of Time together with Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin, as well as with Desna and Eska against hordes of dark spirits who were after Korra. Meanwhile, Korra used the tree's connection to the cosmic energy to bend her own energy rather than the elements and battled the Dark Avatar, who was laying waste to Republic City. After she found and extracted Raava's residual light inside the Dark Avatar, she used Unalaq's own pacification technique to dissipate the Dark Avatar. Korra returned to the Spirit World, where she used the last energy of the Harmonic Convergence to merge again with Raava, recreating the Avatar Spirit.[16]

Searching for airbenders

With the spirit portals left open, spirit vines started to overtake Republic City. After Mako and Bolin's apartment got destroyed by the vegetation, the brothers were invited to stay at Air Temple Island. Mako, feeling awkward around Korra, his ex-girlfriend, declined the offer, opting to reside at the police station instead. Two weeks after Harmonic Convergence, airbenders started to emerge in the city and the rest of the world. In an attempt to provide guidance, Tenzin and Korra set out to travel the Earth Kingdom in the direction of Ba Sing Se to gather the new airbenders and revive the Air Nation.[17] Asami provided them with a fully equipped Future Industries airship and, on Korra's request, Mako had contacted various locations in the Earth Kingdom and indicated the places where airbenders had been spotted on a map. Feeling too uncomfortable around his two ex-girlfriends, he initially declined Korra's offer to come along. However, after Bolin talked about the possibility of meeting their family from their father's side in Ba Sing Se, Mako caved and tagged along.

After several unsuccessful attempts of Tenzin to convince the new airbenders to leave their lives behind to become a nomad at the air temples, Korra, accompanied by Mako and Bolin, tried a more aggressive approach. However, when she was about to forcefully drag a new airbender along, the two brothers intervened and led her away. Bolin suggested they did an airbending street performance to get people excited about airbending. After Kai, a young thief who recently became an airbender, joined their group, the team continued their journey toward Ba Sing Se.[18]

In the city, Kai left ran away to resume his thieving ways, prompting Mako and Bolin to search for him throughout the city. When they found him, the brothers pursued him all the way to the Ba Sing Se Monorail, where Kai managed to exit the car just before departure, leaving the brothers stranded on the express train to the Lower Ring. Having had their money and passports stolen by Kai, Mako and Bolin were unable to return to the Upper Ring. After spending the nights on a dumpster site in the street, the now hungry brothers started walking. Passing a fruit stand, Bolin suggested stealing some fruit with their old "fruit stand scam". Mako, deeming the fruit to be inedible, refused, which offended the vendor. When the young man assaulted the brothers, having deemed them fruit thieves, his father returned, who recognized Mako and Bolin to be his nephews, the children of his brother San. The two brothers were invited to have a meal with their family, meeting their grandmother, Yin, for the first time in their lives.

Meanwhile, Korra and Asami left Ba Sing Se to a town south of the capital to retrieve Queen Hou-Ting's tax money. Although they were ambushed by a local gang, the two women managed to hold their own and fend off their assailants, successfully protecting the tax money.[19]

Mako talks about Lake Laogai

Team Avatar pondered where the Earth Queen could be hiding the new airbenders.

The following day, using passports provided by Tu, the brothers managed to return to the Upper Ring and reunited with Korra and Asami, where they relayed the message that the Earth Queen was capturing airbenders to conscript into an army. They subsequently returned to their temporary residence, deciding on where the airbenders were detained. When Mako suggested Lake Laogai from reading Jinora's books, Korra, Tenzin and Jinora attempt to locate the prison, only to find it flooded and abandoned. Following the failed attempt, Korra urged Jinora to try and project herself to Kai using their connections, much to Tenzin's displeasure. Jinora finally located Kai and the prison, which was located underneath the Earth Queen's temple. They subsequently decided to bust out the airbenders, though when their plan was set, they received a surprise visit from Chief Lin Beifong, who informed the group that Korra was in danger following the escape of prisoners Zaheer, Ghazan, Ming-Hua and P'Li, before attempting to escort Korra back to Republic City to safety. Korra refused, intending to rescue the airbenders first, which Lin agreed to help.

Asami and Lin stationed their respective airships, preparing to provide an escape route once notified by Bumi. Using Jinora and a distraction, the rest of the team overpowered the patrolling royal guards and infiltrated the prison. Inside the prison, they split up once more: Korra, Tenzin and Bumi would free the airbenders, while Jinora, Mako and Bolin would search for Kai. Upon finding the airbenders, Bumi relayed the message to Lin, informing both of them to prepare for take-off. Mako, Bolin and Jinora located Kai, with the Mako still showing some resentment despite the latter's apologies. Before they could escape, they were stopped by three Dai Li agents. While Mako and Bolin were able to fend off two of the agents, the leader managed to capture Jinora, but was defeated by Kai, who smugly replied that he was indeed better than he thought.

The airbenders made their escape, though were stopped by the Dai Li and Hou-Ting, who warned Korra that taking the airbenders were an act of war, and that she would retaliate with full force should she not relent. Korra refused, and the Dai Li prepared to apprehend them, though were saved by the airbenders. Upon seeing the airships, the airbenders slowly retreated to safety. Once they were safe, Tenzin called for Oogi and he and Korra fled. Mako, Bolin, Jinora and Kai escaped from the prison, but came under fire from Dai Li agents. Tenzin and Korra diverted their course to rescue the four of them, with Oogi shedding some fur in the process, causing the Earth Queen to have an allergic reaction.

In safety, Tenzin sympathized with the airbenders for the fate befallen upon them, giving them the choice of being relocated to safety, or heading to the Northern Air Temple to train as Air Nomads. When all of them agreed to Tenzin's proposition, he was moved to tears. Before departing, Tenzin told Korra to stay safe, and the duo embraced each other before heading their separate ways.[20]


Core members

Animal members

Temporary members

Being a member means having been on the team for at least two consecutive episodes.


† indicates deceased

United Republic of Nations

Air Nation

Northern Water Tribe

Southern Water Tribe

Earth Kingdom

Spirit World


Former allies


† indicates deceased

United Republic of Nations

Earth Kingdom

Water Tribe

Spirit World


Former enemies


  • The name of the team is the same as the original Team Avatar, which Sokka named. However, everyone in the group seemed to like the name, as opposed to the original team's reaction to Sokka's suggestion.
  • Fan-base nicknames for the new Team Avatar include the "Krew", the "Komrades", a portmanteau of "crew" or "comrades" respectively and the first letter of Korra's name, and the "Korralition", a portmanteau of Korra's name and "coalition". These names have not been used in canon, however.
  • The team's methods of patrolling Republic City and dealing with criminals draw parallels from superhero groups most common in comic books, like the Avengers and the Justice League.
  • All the members have been arrested at one point: Korra, when she first arrived in Republic City for destruction of public and private property;[21] Asami was arrested as a nonbender being out past curfew; and Mako and Bolin were arrested when they objected to Tarrlok's order to arrest Asami Sato.[1]
  • Korra's Team Avatar bears similarities to Aang's Team Avatar:
    • Both teams contain at least one nonbender (Sokka/Suki and Asami).
    • Both have one waterbender, earthbender and firebender (Katara/Toph/Zuko and Korra/Bolin/Mako).
    • Both have at least one member who comes from a wealthy family (Toph/Zuko and Asami).
    • Both have a member defying their parent(s) (Zuko/Toph and Asami).
    • Both include sibling pairs (Sokka/Katara and Mako/Bolin).
    • Both have only one member with a known last name (Toph and Asami).
    • Both have a large animal that can be ridden and a small animal for comic relief (Appa/Momo and Naga/Pabu).
    • Both have a member who is attached to a piece of neckwear that belonged to one of their deceased parents (Katara's mother's necklace and Mako's father's scarf).
    • Both have an equal boy-girl ratio.
    • Both have a member who was the love interest of the Avatar (Katara and Mako).
    • Both have members whose mothers were killed by a firebender, as Katara and Sokka lost their mother to Yon Rha, Asami lost hers to an Agni Kai Triad member, and Mako and Bolin lost both of their parents to a firebending mugger.
  • Korra is the only member of Team Avatar to still have her parents, as Mako and Bolin lost theirs to a firebending mugger and Asami lost her mother to a member of the Agni Kai Triad. Asami also later became estranged from her father due to his Equalist ties.


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