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This article is about the secret society of Ozai supporters. For the city once called New Ozai, see Omashu.

The New Ozai Society was a reactionary rebel organization founded by Ukano, which sought to restore glory to the Fire Nation through the reinstatement of Fire Lord Ozai.[3]


After Zuko's coronation as the new Fire Lord, Ukano remained loyal to Ozai and claimed him to be the rightful head of state. Deeming Zuko a traitorous usurper, he declined an offer to join the Fire Lord's cabinet and founded the New Ozai Society instead under the firm belief that the Fire Nation was better off under Ozai's rule.[3] He recruited several of Ozai's loyalists, including Satoru's parents, who felt that Zuko did not have his people's best interests at heart.[2]

Ukano tasked Kei Lo with bringing Mai to a New Ozai Society meeting, as she could provide them with personal details about Zuko that would aid in dethroning him. After refusing to join, Mai voiced her disgust over her father's willingness to recruit her brother and prepared to leave, strapping Tom-Tom onto her back. Despite several attempts by the members to stop her, Mai was able to easily subdue her assailants using her array of weapons, trashing the meeting place in the process. She proceeded to knock Kei Lo out with a punch to the face before departing with Tom-Tom.[3]

Following the incident, Ukano instructed the society to remain underground and wait for half a year before proceeding with their plans. After his family was threatened by the Kemurikage, Ukano opted to accelerate his society's timeline and carried out plans to ambush Zuko's convoy upon his return to the Fire Nation Capital. However, no longer certain about the organization's intents, Kei Lo met with Mai and Ty Lee in secret to disclose the plans of the impending ambush, unaware that Ukano anticipated his betrayal and provided him with false information.[1]

Zuko creates a multicolored fire vortex

Fire Lord Zuko redirected an attack from a majority of the organization's firebenders, much to Ukano's surprise.

On the day of Fire Lord Zuko's return, Ukano deployed a small force to attack along the main road to the capital, fully aware that Zuko would be taken along a hidden route in the woods, where he and a larger force prepared to strike. The smaller force attacked the decoy caravan as it traversed the series of switchbacks leading to the capital but was easily subdued by Mai and Ty Lee, much to Iroh's surprise. Meanwhile, the larger force entrapped Zuko's caravan in the woods, where Ukano demanded for Zuko to abdicate the throne or face consequences. After he refused, the members of the New Ozai Society attacked and were able to subdue Zuko and the band of Kyoshi Warriors who served as his escort. They prepared to burn the carriage with Ursa and her family as punishment for Zuko's defiance, which prompted Kei Lo to defect and free the young Fire Lord. Shortly after, the members of the decoy caravan arrived and assisted in the fight, which allowed the Fire Lord and his allies to gain the upper hand and subdue most of the society's members except for Ukano, who managed to escape after planting doubt in Mai's mind regarding Zuko's regime.[1]


  • The society's name, New Ozai, is a reference to the name given to Omashu when it was under Fire Nation control.[4]


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