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Mura was the aunt of Mai and Tom-Tom and the owner of a flower shop in a Fire Nation town.


Mura invited her niece to work in her flower shop following Mai's breakup with Fire Lord Zuko. One day, a young man, Kei Lo, entered the shop, and Mura directed him to Mai for service, hoping he could cheer the young woman up.

Unbeknownst to Mura, Mai had escaped a meeting of the New Ozai Society, and returned to the flower shop the next day as usual, now with Tom-Tom. Mura gave her nephew a flower and urged him to leave his sister be while she stood silently over a picture of her and Zuko, thinking that Mai was reminiscing about the good time she had on her date the previous night.[1]

Mura allowed Michi and her children to move in with her, after the noblewoman had learned of her husband's intent to overthrow the Fire Lord, thereby putting her family's safety at risk. Mura enjoyed the company of her relatives, who now aided her in running her flower shop, and considered hosting them to be a pleasure. When Ty Lee came to visit and took Mai to a nearby tea shop, Mura countered Michi's request for Mai to return soon to assist with closing the shop by saying that Mai should have some fun, noting that she had been depressed lately.

After Tom-Tom was abducted in the flower shop, Mura was present with the rest of her family to meet with the domestic forces, during which she remarked how frightened her nephew must be. Shortly thereafter, she bowed upon the arrival of Fire Lord Zuko, who resolved to seek the Avatar's help in recovering the missing child.[2]

Later, Mura was once again visited by Kei Lo, who had begun a romantic relationship with Mai and was now searching for her. Mura informed him that her niece had left without saying where she was going. Their conversation was cut short, however, when a nearby rioter threw a pot through the flower shop window, prompting Kei Lo to dive in front of Mura, protecting her from the shattered glass.

After the riots were quelled and Tom-Tom was rescued, Mura overheard Mai and Kei Lo breaking up in her flower shop. While the young man was on his way out, Mura inquired if they would be seeing him again, to which he responded with "Maybe never."[3]




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