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Air Nomads emblem
Momo eats a moon peach

Momo eating a moon peach.

The moon peach is a pale, round fruit native to Air Nomad culture, but that can also be found in the Earth Kingdom.[1] It was a favorite treat of Momo's.


Moon peaches were among a series of fruits that Momo laid out for Sokka while at the Southern Air Temple. However, before Sokka could eat the last moon peach, Momo jumped up and grabbed it out of his hand,[2] prompting Aang to name the winged lemur "Momo".

Moon peaches were mentioned by Katara when she tried to reassure Appa, who was worried about Aang and Sokka's mysterious disappearance into the Spirit World.[1]


Moon peach tree

A blue tree that bears moon peaches.

  • Moon peaches also appear in the video game. During Team Avatar's visit to a village located in an Earth Kingdom forest, Momo is used to locate enough blue trees to collect six moon peaches, which are later used to feed a hungry Appa.
  • The moon peach strongly resembles the real-world peach.


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