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This metalbender officer was one of the police officers captured during the battle at the Equalist factory.[2] He was taken to face Amon, and subsequently had his bending abilities removed by the Equalist leader.[1] His bending abilities were later restored by Avatar Korra.[3]


When Avatar Korra, Chief Lin Beifong, and Tenzin arrived at the Sato estate to investigate a claim that Hiroshi Sato operated a hidden Equalist factory underneath his mansion, the metalbender officer was one of several who accompanied them. Once they were inside the factory, Hiroshi revealed himself to be an Equalist and began to attack the metalbender and his companions with a group of mecha tanks. This officer and several others attempted to subdue the tanks with their metalbending, but they were quickly defeated as the tanks electrified the officers' cables, thereby rendering them unconscious. The Equalists proceeded to load the metalbenders into various trucks, delivering them to an Equalist prison to have their bending removed by Amon.[2]

Sometime later, Team Avatar, Lin Beifong, and Tenzin managed to infiltrate the Republic City tunnel network leading to the Equalist prison, believing Korra to have been imprisoned there. Although Korra was not there, Lin found and freed a group of imprisoned officers, this particular officer included. When Lin asked if she had been too late, the metalbender officer solemnly affirmed that he and the other officers had had their bending taken away before she had arrived. He and the other officers escaped with Tenzin, Lin, and Team Avatar shortly thereafter.[1]


The Legend of Korra

Book One: Air (气)