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  • Hi there, I'm sorry for the inconvenience for deleting the Earth Empire page you created, though the community decided to hold off on the creation of such a page until the conclusion of the series to see what is the fate of the empire. If it remains to be a nation, a page will be created. If it reverts to be the Earth Kingdom, a section on the Earth Kingdom page suffices.

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    • Azula reconized by who? The Fire Nation and the Fire Nation only. The Avatar extras mean nothing when talking about "legality"

      Yeah, Wu is the ruler. He has zero power or authority over his nation. He is not the ruler. Just like how Kuei was not the ruler for a while until the war was over and he was on the throne and commanding armies and holding territory, Sozin's illegal war is no matter.

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    • Lady Lostris wrote: Azula was officially recognized as the Earth Queen in the Avatar Extras

      Avatar Extras are recognized as an official source, whether we like it or not. There's no point debating that.

      Power has nothing to do with legitimacy and being official. Kuei always remained to legitimate and official ruler of the Earth Kingdom, even though he was exiled.

      I don't know what it is that you're still trying to accomplish here. This is an irrelevant discussion that serves nothing but waste both our times. This conversation, no matter the outcome, cannot overrule a forum consensus that decided to await the conclusion of the series before making a definite choice on what to do with a possible Earth Empire page. You asked for clarification, you got clarification. You may like it, you may hate, but it is what it is. Further discussing this serves no point.

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  • Hi there. Please note that all images uploaded to the wiki should be used or intended to be used on a canon or fanon article. Any images that are not being used will end up being deleted. Can I therefore ask that you only upload images that you intend to use on an article?

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  • Fong welcomes Team Avatar

    Welcome to Avatar Wiki! Thanks for your edit to Thread:1287689#38|Amon VS Unalaq VS Zaheer VS Kuvira, and for joining our community! There's a lot to do around here, so we hope you'll stay with us and make many more improvements.

    Wiki Activity is a great first stop, because you can see what pages other people have been editing.
    Questions? Need help? Don't know what to do? See if S.O.S. editing can help you, or just leave me a message!
    Have an opinion? Read the latest blog posts and meet other knowledgeable fans. Discuss the series and the movie to a depth that you'd have never imagined.
    Like fan fiction? Visit our fanon portal. You can read the quality works of others. You can even write your own, and share your stories with all the readers here.
    Follow our policies, to make sure that all of us get along harmoniously.
    Sign in every time you edit, so that we can recognize you.
    Sign your comments by typing ~~~~ when posting on one of our forum threads. This adds your signature and the date, so we know who's talking!

    We're really happy to have you here, and look forward to working with you! Have fun!

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