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  • Thanks for your input on my post about Ran and Shao. I learned some new stuff, which is always fun.

    My whole idea of making the thread anyway was mainly to eliminate the dilema of which dragon would be male as opposed to female. In my mind, having both dragons be the same sex just makes things easier.

    Although, rolling back to the hermaphrodite thing real quick, don't most hermaphrodites have a "dominant" sex, so to speak? Like, a male that just also happens to have female reproductive organs and vice versa? It's a bit trickier with animal species other than humans, I know, but that was the idea I had in my head when I offered up the possibility.

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    • It's what I do, & it was definitely more interesting than a lot of threads we get around here. I think of the question of Ran's & Shaw's sexes as more of an idle curiosity. Like I said, I think 1 is probably male & the other is female, but I'm not really burning to figure out which is which.

      Human "hermaphrodites" aren't really true hermaphrodites--intersex is a better term. These are more disorders in sexual development that lead to incomplete reproductive tracts, like internal testicles, or an improperly fused penis. A lot of these also result in infertility. Plants & some animals have complete sets of both sexual organs, & thus are equally capable of reproducing as males or females.

      Biology is a favored subject of mine, so I'm usually down to discuss it when it comes up on the forums--though, for the time being, I'm going to attempt sleep--but I'm not exactly an expert. I went to Wikipedia to check how things like temperature-determined sex differentiation work. Those subjects don't really come up a lot, unless you take a specialized course in college, or something.

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    • Ah, makes sense. Thanks again. I should probably sleep, as well. >.>

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  • Okay so Mako Fanboy got all mad and huffy and deleted the thread we were posting in. I moved the conversation to another thread because well, why not? Not that it's really important, I just don't like giving a Mako Stan the final word on anything because fuck them lol...

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    • I only read that part because the transparent flattery caught my eye, & I just had to see it in context. I ache so badly to rip apart the Dr. Phil of philosophy.

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    • Lol yeah I bet....this is why I think people like Mako Fanboy are best ignored entirely...

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  • Why isn't Young Justice on that list?

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    • Neo Bahamut wrote: Did you get curious when my page presumably popped up in the recent edits area? I recall making a few changes recently, after I binged like half a season of Adam Ruins Everything & also realized I forgot to cross a few movies out.

      That's right.

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    • Neat. Well, nice chatting with you.

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  • Did you see TaiWolf's meltdown in that thread?  If he keeps bugging me, I'm going to schedule a safari.

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    Neo Bahamut
    Neo Bahamut closed this thread because:
    Holy shit, did you know I can just close threads?
    00:53, August 4, 2017
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    • Deist Zealot wrote:

      Well, that was certainly an impressive pack of lies.

      Seriously: the only thing that was anywhere near the truth in that flood of accusations is the fact that I have used the word "rabid" a few times. Which, as you know as well as I do, was not aimed at "critics," but at the sort of people who were calling Korrasami either coded shit like "fanservice" and "pandering" or overt shit like "sexual immorality." (But then again: you defended that last, demanded that I explain to you why bigotry shouldn't be defended, and snippily brushed off my answer.)

      Condemning Korrasami as fanservice or pandering is criticism, and honest criticism. Given its poor viewer base, something as controversial as Korrasami is great shock value to start a conversation and reel old fans back in, as well as to intrigue new fans. The case can easily be made that the pairing was done to humor a segment of the fan base that wanted it and procure a "groundbreaking" status among children's tv productions (literally; Vanity Fair termed it, breaking ground). The fact that you think it's coded shows your insecurity.

      Your compass needs a new magnet if you think my accusations are imaginary.

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    • Piss off, TaiWolf, & go peddle your homophobic conspiracy theory somewhere else.

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  • Hi! Im new at this wiki and sets a challenge to whoever replies or interacts with me first, excluding the intro bot, i should try to reach out to them! And its you! Yes its me from the debate. We may have different opinions but i hope it wont get in the way!

    Nice to meet you! It may seems awkward but ohwell, who are your favorite characters and why? U can answer in both series too! Thanks! Nice knowing you, Neo! :D

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    • =D *

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    • You can edit comments you've already made by clicking on the "more" button that appears at the bottom right of them.

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  • Why do you want Kuvira to die?

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    • Wow, you replied. I'm touched. Sincerely, not sarcastically.

      Enjoy it while it lasts, as judging from the trajectory here, I won't be doing it a 3rd time. In fact, I'm just going to condense my response to the "Greatest Hits," if you will.

      Dialogue with people is, like, what the internet is for nowadays. No need to be condescending about it (if you weren't trying to be, apologies).

      If the first words out of your mouth are calling what I said "vapid & immature," I don't want to hear any whining about my rebuttal being "condescending."

      Calling Kuvira's life a "drain on society" is just as grim and nihilistic, saddening really. You seem like you have a lot on your shoulders. (You also prefer to capitalize "Hell." Intriguing.) (You also prefer to capitalize "Hell." Intriguing.)

      As far as I can tell, that is the grammatically correct thing to do, since it refers to a proper noun. Anyway, you seem to mistake your personal distaste for something as an argument against it. Yes, it is overall bad for society to have someone around who is a murderer several times over, a backstabbing fascist dictator, a xenophobic slaver, & a warmongerer who almost destroyed the very city that now houses her worthless ass, leading to hundreds of people becoming homeless. And those are just the crimes that we know of. I don't really give a shit what Aang's opinion would be. Also, I don't know her exact age, but she is clearly an adult.

      Korra could've let her die easily, but there is quite literally nothing anyone would gain from that.

      In fact, you have it exactly backwards, there was a lot to lose in saving Kuvira, & nothing to gain. Korra had no idea what was going to happen when she stepped in front of that beam. She risked the very real possibility of her own death, which is one thing, but as the Avatar & in a time of crisis, it would've been an unmitigated disaster if she had died & Kuvira was able to keep the war going. Whether through death or surrender, Kuvira was about to be defeated, & her army would've fallen in disarray shortly afterward.

      She'd help destabilize the extremists that still want to support the Empire if people would just let her. And even if her relapsing is THAT true a concern, she's so pathetic and broken after what Korra did with her she could easily rein her back in again.

      You know what I've realized? You are Harley Quinn. You won't shoot up a hospital, but you'll gladly open the cell door for the guy who HAS done that. Just as long as you've heard enough sob stories about his childhood. You'll say he's obviously gone straight, & even if he has trouble doing the right thing, it couldn't be THAT bad. Dr. Qinzel is a cautionary tale about what happens when you sympathize with villains too much, & stop seeing them as villains. Namely, you become one of the villains yourself. Don't be Harley Quinn. Arguing against the death penalty is one thing, but you take it into the territory of dangerous naivete when you essentially want criminals to be put right back into the very situation that started that mess.

      And yes yES YES EXACTLY Kuvira and the Great Uniter are two COMPLETELY different people! Vastly different personalities! I'm glad you realize that! It's like Noatak vs. Amon! Or Azula vs. Azula when she went insane!

      You shouldn't be, because that's not a good thing, it's a sign of how horribly written she is. It is most definitely not the same as Noatak & Amon, or Azula, they actually had character arcs showing in detail the transition in their personalities.

      Also yeah woops, another guard did end up joining in the fight with her. But she chose to initiate that fight and fought 'til she was incapacitated. Another admirable accomplishment.

      This is clearly a man, stop trying to credit her with something she didn't even do.

      The fact that she's a dancer and could be scared by her own mug's clank (actually knew a girl like that once) are examples of humanization, to show she's a human person, with a personality.

      They're lazy shortcuts that someone with low standards would confuse for giving a character a personality, but actually aren't. Especially since you're completely full of shit about the mug. Zaheer & P'Li are on the right track, but they're barely any better in this regard. Look, developing a character takes time & effort, it's something that must be continually established by showing a broad range of reactions & opinions. If you think character depth can be achieved by just dropping in the occasional reference to a hobby or background detail, you're only fooling yourself.

      Would've replied to you earlier, but I've been dealing with PTSD for the past few months. It peaked back up again for me. That's not a pity move to try to sway you or an excuse, just an explanation. Mock me for that too if you must, you unfortunately appear to be in need all the catharsis you can get.

      See, that's what you just don't get. That would make sense in your warped world, where nuance isn't allowed, anyone who ever does anything good ever is instantly absolved of any misdeeds, & the most heinous of war criminals should be held to the same standard as not only petty thieves, but even teenagers who are just kind of obnoxious. But when you live in reality, where it's not viewed as a "cop out" to judge things on a case-by-case basis, it makes it possible to have standards.

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    • "If the first words out of your mouth are calling what I said "vapid & immature," I don't want to hear any whining about my rebuttal being "condescending."

      Oh no...

      You have me very misconstrued. I called "wanting Kuvira to die" vapid and immature, not you. You are QUITE direct and capable. The DESIRE is shallow, not you as a person, not by a long shot. You're a riveting discussionist. I'm not trying to attack you personally, hardly. I'm only questioning your ideals. I'm not angry or anything like that. What would attacking you possibly accomplish? Make me feel a little better about myself? I don't work like that. Sometimes I feel jealous that I don't have the stomach for that. I'm not trying to argue to be right, we're conversing to find truth or however that phrase goes. I just want to reach a conclusion with you. I'm sorry you felt attacked.

      "As far as I can tell, that is the grammatically correct thing to do, since [Hell] refers to a proper noun." 

      Oof, nice dodge. I just thought you might've been a Christian or something is all (like you were potentially upholding Hell as an actual place as if you believed it existed if I must explain my train of thought), which would've been wildly discordant to me because they're a very passive lot. Your MO alternatively appears to be a lot more...vindictive, what with all the talk of imprisonment and executions.

      Dehumanization, brutality, and the Great Uniter both, huh? I admit it does get results quickly. Perhaps you have more in common with her than you're willing to admit :)

      "Yes, it is overall bad for society to have someone around who is a murderer several times over ... a warmongerer who almost destroyed the very city that now houses her worthless ass ... I don't know her exact age, but she is clearly an adult."

      Yes I AGREE having murderers and such running about society is a terribly massive issue that should be resolved with minimum fallout! It's not rocket science. And aww come on~ I thought we established Kuvira is great with politics. She's got plenty to offer. She's far from worthless. You said Ozai and Zaheer are alive only for information, because they're providing some useful service, and that's what I want Kuvira alive for too! ...In a far less brutish fashion granted. I mean she IS the one who reunited the Earth Kingdom after all, a job no one else but Suyin could've done if she'd just taken it.

      Ah, yes, you didn't like hearing that before, and so I'll extrapolate. Kuvira did bad things yes, HOWEVER, what most refuse to do it to apply some elementary cause and effect to someone's past before they start screaming for their torture:

      Kuvira would not have went off to reunite the Earth Kingdom and subsequently lost herself in all the power she had if Suyin had gone along with the other world leaders and did it herself. Am I blaming Su? No, 'cause that'd accomplish nothing. I'm just identifying the cause. There is a fine line between someone causing suffering, and allowing someone to take an unfavorable position and causing unfavorable results because they weren't prepared.

      They're called "tragedies," not sob stories, you cynical little cynic you~

      Have you taken any psych courses?? I love psychology. Do you know how important it is to have parents in your life? In your adolescent years? You "FORMATIVE" years? Layman's terms: if you're jacked up during that time, you're jacked up for life. Stung by bee? You're terrified of bees. Growing up, my father wanted me to pursue a career that I just wasn't as into as he was, and even today I'm still tenative about our relationship. But, past hardships don't mean much to you, do they...

      Why? Honest question... People don't like being psycho-analyzed without consent, or at all.

      Also um yeah she's approx. 20 years if not a smidge older, just like Korra and the rest of the gang. I cannot recall why this is relevant lol. But they are all right on that cusp of adolescence and trying to be an adult.


      ...Never have I witnessed a story thread that confounds me as much as this. Well, maybe besides Eska saying "Desna sleeps in the tub" and they just both walk away without further affirmation or information.

      "Kuvira is racist?" That fragment of an idea was offered once, literally only OFFERED, ONCE, AND NOT EXPLORED ANY FURTHER, NOT EVEN BEYOND THE EPISODE IT WAS FIRST INTRODUCED IN. I can't even call it an honest "thread." I... Like... Kuvira says nothing of desiring earthbenders to be the strongest benders on earth or anything like that. She's a lot like Adolf Hitler, I giddily concede, but she's no "master race" perpetrator or any of that. I mean she had NONbenders in her regime, so she's hardly exclusive. She wanted to conquer the United Republic, but again it was never played to be because "earthbenders are better," just good ol' subjagation in general, for resources, and because it was once Earth Kingdom land (almost sympathetic reasoning). It was never a part of her, past or present, and I am fully certain it won't be in the future. Unless she just IS made to be for some reason in the future thanks to karma to thwart my point. Knocking on wood...

      Calling Kuvira "xenophobic" is like calling a pond "fire-proof" after throwing a lit match into it. Like...I mean that's what happened but it wasn't on purpose?

      Are you as confused as I am yet??

      "You have it exactly backwards, there was a lot to lose in saving Kuvira, & nothing to gain. Korra had no idea what was going to happen when she stepped in front of that beam."

      "Exactly backwards." What a phrase <3

      Korra would've lost EVERYTHING if she failed to save Kuvira, literally, like the city'd be gonzo. If she slipped up controling the beam, or even if she just let Kuvira get wiped away, the beam would've kept spiraling out of control, destroying even more than it did already. Kuvira realized this as well. They did a close up on her pulling the level and saying "I can't" with tragic realization to accent this.

      Plus Korra is just a super compassionate sweetheart underneath all her usual sass and just kinda understands that Kuvira was only out of balance and lost and confused and needed some correction and guidance (like Toph told her in the swamp about her other past foes). Basic stuff.

      "This is clearly a man, stop trying to credit her with something she didn't even do."

      You sly dog, look at that. Apologies for misremembering. What a crime it is to credit someone with a good deed they did out of the selflessness of their heart. Kuvira IS capable of doing such fyi. 

      Actual proof this time: she dove off Laghima's Peak to save Tonraq, Korra's father, single-handedled, bandaged him up herself, and was quite warm and happy about doing so. She even wanted to go with everyone else to help save Korra, but was turned down for another example.

      "...because that's not a good thing, it's a sign of how horribly written she is. It is most definitely not the same as Noatak & Amon, or Azula, they actually had character arcs showing in detail the transition in their personalities."

      "If you think character depth can be achieved by just dropping in the occasional reference to a hobby or background detail, you're only fooling yourself."

      "They're lazy shortcuts that someone with low standards would confuse for giving a character a personality, but actually aren't."

      Ah but a humble contraire. Kuvira is not "badly written." She's got a very tangible and definite character to her you can grasp and analyze. I'm not pulling all this information about her out of thin air. I quite obviously cannot be this attached and intrigued by something that wasn't there in the first place. Noatak and Kuvira are much the same, in personality and motivation and backstory both. He had a very real backstory, but his was ever so choppily slapped in our faces out of nowhere, with no direct indication beforehand. Yakone had children we had no idea about. Woof. Is it a bad backstory? No, it's bloody (haha) horrifying and a very apt addition, just poorly handled.

      The problem with Kuvira you are referring to, and the reason most people don't know Kuvira's true personality in general, was that the writers didn't give the average casual viewer enough to go on! She wasn't badly made, they just didn't show her off right! They practically ignored her! She was so easily overlooked! There were so many oppurtunies they could've taken to give us more than just mere glimpses at Kuvira. She could've met the gang when they first came to Zaofu during that dance practice, like she was RIGHT there on the right. That would've been a phenomanal introduction to a bright-eyed and hopeful Kuvira, would've made her transformation into the Great Uniter all the more hurtful and conflicting for the average viewer. Why on earth did they not do that? The budget cuts?? Trying to fit more "Korrasami" scenes in?? You'd think the finale season's antagonist, the ENTIRE series final antagonist would have some more pomp and circumstance surrounding her.

      What I mean to say is Kuvira is definitely there, IF you're just willing to look and marinate on what you see for a bit. "That's stupid." But...that's a subtle story-telling? If they just spoon-fed you all her information in one go like they did with Noatak...that'd be terribly slow and chunky. It's the difference between reading a flowing chronological story and just popping out a character's biography. There's a nuance to this stuff. It's realistic! Just like meeting any new person, you won't know them instantly, not even by the end of that conversation. It's gonna take multiple instances and actions for you to truly get to know them.

      Something I realized that I feel I should make known that I realized: I can't make you like Kuvira as a character. I understand that. I can't make you like her personality. Everyone's preferences are different, everyone finds different things stimulating. Heck, I find Asami a bit too mellow for me, but she appears to be the biggest fan favorite from what I've seen. That is most certainly NOT to say I think she's a bad person or a bad character, quite the contrary (the scenes with her and her dad, any time she's vulnerable really tends to grip my heart) she just...doesn't get my goat on a regular basis is all. And obviously Kuvira doesn't get yours. I can understand that she's not your cup of tea, but you should at least be able to treat her and anyone like her humanely, like a human.

      "You're completely full of shit about the mug."

      Speaking of cups, like shoot man I guess you're right about the mug thing. I guess I really AM lying. 

      Jeez oh Petes. Why is that one analogy so worthy of reprehension?

      Do I need to VIDEO TAPE the girl getting spooked to prove to you that she's scared of loud unexpected noises? Cars honking, toasters popping, people screaming unexpectedly, these things startle some people. You're just more resilient than her. She's gotten better about it! If you'd like some confirmation on that! 

      Kuvira's pathetic. That's what I meant. You can forget the mug. I think it's safe to say we both agree that Kuvira's not the most well-adjusted person.

      "You won't shoot up a hospital, but you'll gladly open the cell door for the guy who HAS done that."

      "The most heinous of war criminals should be held to the same standard as not only petty thieves, but even teenagers who are just kind of obnoxious."

      "Arguing against the death penalty is one thing, but you take it into the territory of dangerous naivete when you essentially want criminals to be put right back into the very situation that started that mess."

      Oh gosh... Oh no... Where do I start with this. That is a LOT of conclusion-jumping about how I'd go about rehabilitating a criminal. Do you really think I've not thought this through?


      When I say "give a criminal a second chance," I am NOT saying to just slap em on the wrist, say "don't go killing again," and send them back out on the streets again. That's a terrible move. That's wholly stupid. That's not what I want at all. That's... How can you expect them to not kill again? You didn't DO anything to disuade them from further crime! The fault would be on you! You need to take TIME with them and TEACH them and EDUCATE them on proper etiquette, keep them safe and out of public eyes, away from potential victims and from people that want to hurt them from what they did (your speech here only solidifies that yes there are people that would gladly do such. "Pedophile hunters," they're real and they're scary).

      And once they finally are trustworthy, OF COURSE you don't just leave them by themselves! Like, what?? Of course they're going to relapse in some fashion! Why would they be perfect?? An anorexic isn't going to eat consistently after finally stomaching one meal!! Therapy is not from a one-time fix. It is continual support and supervision. Support and supervision Korra would absolutely adore providing for Kuvira. Plus, she's the only person that could take her down in the impossible situation she went rogue.

      Does Kuvira NEED to become "Earth Queen" to help the Earth Kingdom? N-No nO that is exactly what I'm NOT saying. I'm not saying she be that again at all. She'd probably be terrified being thrust into such a position again for many many understandable reasons. HOWEVER, you need to find a balance with how much she actually DOES. She isn't going to provide much information beyond "please let me out" if she's just thrown into a cell like a bird for the rest of her miserable life.

      Birds aren't meant to be caged you know. They're actually very intelligent and sociable animals.

      Earth Queen is as blatant a no-go as can possibly be. Perhaps Kuvira can just be one of Wu's advisors or some such, to offer advice on where to guide the new Earth Democracy. Metalbending teacher? Maybe she should just settle down and adopt some kids... 

      "You know what I've realized? You are Harley Quinn."

      Oh... Oh this is so good... This is delicious...

      Do you KNOW how many redemption arcs Harley's had lately? She is FAR more "hero" than "villian" now.

      She's a full-on victim story, like Kuvira. Doctor Harleen Quinzel was a lonely and impressionable woman, assigned to evaulate THE JOKER, the greatest manipulative mind in possibly all superhero stories. He recognized her vulnerability, and slowly convinced her into intimacy with him. He slowly twisted her mind, and eventually broke her sanity, turned her into a shell of her former self.

      But lately, a lot of writers have been taking strides to reverse that.

      Harleen is so sweet and innocent on the inside that she's befriended Catwoman, the infamous thief, and is even incorrigibly peppy enough to convince Poison Ivy to stop purging humanity. And it doesn't stop there. 

      In the newest Injustice game, Harley's entire purpose in the story is to prove what I'm trying to convince you to acknowledge. She's denied Joker's murderous intentions for her, practices non-lethality now, just like Batman. Heck, she's Batman's new right-hand now too, the BATMAN'S most trusted asset. He even says himself, "She's a different person since Joker's died...mostly" (her mild "cutesy-wootsy" insanity is unfortunately not so easily cured.) She even saved the Cheetah from being killed by an enraged Wonder Woman, took an Amazonian sword to the gut for one of "the villians." 

      But to a lot out there she's still just "crazy" and "sexy." I concede the first...mildly acknowledge the second.

      The direction Harleen is being taken lately is EXACTLY the kind of thing I adore, the kind of thing that Kuvira is in the perfect position for. Harley Quinn is no longer an insult, and seldom like what you're trying to claim I am as well...the modern iterations I'm talking about at least. Current Harley is what more stories should strive for. She's what Avatar strives for! This whole "turning over a new leaf thing?" What Prince Zuko, son of the Fire Lord, got to go through as well? That is what would be so simple, so easy, and so elating for Kuvira to have the opportunity to go through as well.

      "I don't really give a shit what Aang's opinion would be."

      I'm sorry...this is nuts. "You don't owe me anything" like you said, sure, don't like Kuvira, you don't care about Aang (the first main character of this series we both allegedly love so much), hardly seem to analyze the plot beats or character's backstories beyond face-value, care nothing for Avatar's moral dilemmas and actually rather disagree with their solutions in general (which come on it's Avatar, moral dilemmas are like it's bread and butter), yet for reasons unknown you put so much time into debating it, a show you don't appear to have any personal connection to...

      What does a good character look like to you? Do you have any favorite characters in Avatar? Is its animation just "that" nice or...? 

      "That would make sense in your warped world ... But when you live in reality..."

      I have a different opinion to you that you don't understand/want to understand, therefore I'm insane/a troll/live in another reality. Stellar. And here I thought we could keep up a tone of intellectualism.

      "Anyone who ever does anything good ever is instantly absolved of any misdeeds."

      It's called forgiveness. 

      ...once they're in a stable position with a clear psyche and aren't actively harming people anymore. I would absolutely NOT let a pedophile become a pre-school teacher, even if she's gone a few weeks without touching a kid and REALLY says she won't touch kids again. Like goodness gracious I recognize the difference between leniency and facilitation.

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  • Excellent defense of Korra there mate

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  • How OK is it considered to edit information on the Avatar Wiki pages?

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    • What made you think Katara is such a boring character?

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    • That makes it sound like I thought she was interesting until something happened to change my mind. I just eventually noticed that I rarely found myself being excited when she was on screen, or craving an episode about her. Probably because I usually felt I knew roughly what she was going to say before she said it. Intrigue comes from the usurping of expectations.

      Iroh has many examples of this. You expect someone of his power to beat the crap out of a mugger, but instead he talks him through his problems. You expect him to be furious at Zhao for trying to kill Zuko, but he manages to keep his cool. But these moments don't become too predictable, because you also have moments like "no, Azula is crazy, & she needs to go down."

      Of course you don't expect Toph to be as powerful as she is, & she often leads the Gaang down situations you wouldn't normally expect them to participate in, like scams, or forcing Aang to stand his ground.

      Sokka comes up with complex plans you wouldn't normally think of, & in terms of fighting skills, he's a largely unknown quantity. We know he can throw boomerangs pretty accurately, but he doesn't actually take down many opponents, & we're never sure exactly how much potential he has.

      There's more to those examples than that, but that's the gist. This is why I also think Aang is pretty boring, though not quite to the same extent as Katara. His main traits are defined pretty early on & don't deviate much: Reluctant hero, goofy kid, surprisingly insightful pacifist.

      It's also why I think Katara is most interesting during the Southern Raiders, since she demonstrates personality traits & actions you never would have expected before.

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  • That guy arrives in a cloud of indignation, starts reeing about how the cultural Marx Brothers or whatever are supposedly Godwinning everyone, and resorts to insults early in the game...but you're the one who's supposedly unprepared for anything resembling a rational debate.  Right.

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    • My personal favorite part was how he admitted he knew absolutely nothing about Spencer & his ties to the alt right movement, but continued trying to lecture me about "The Truth!" undeterred.

      I certainly could have kept going, but I didn't want that thread to blow up like the last one I mentioned fascism in. So if he wants me to respond, it has to be on-topic, or at least related to what I said.

      Though, between you & I, I am damn tired of seeing right-wingers whine about respect & understanding, but only when it comes to them. Never mind that I have been listening to their complaints, & how many times do I have to debunk the same falsehoods, listen to the same conspiracy theories, & hear the same insults before I'm allowed to conclude that there really isn't anything rational there? Except maybe the odd complaint about coal jobs or career politicians that right wing extremist groups either can't or don't want to solve anyway.

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  • The exact quote was "I know nothing about you, but based solely on your posts I have to assume you're a baby eating rapist."  He then went on to accuse me of thinking everyone who disagreed with me was an "antifan" (because let's conveniently forget about him calling me a "baby-eating rapist" for disagreeing with him, ignore the volume of incoherent Katara hate that he's spewed, and pretend that I go around calling, say, Makorra holdouts "antifans" unless they've actively earned it).

    And earlier in the same post, he'd accused me of "self admittedly [having] no idea what [I was] criticizing."  Note that what I'd said was that his Tumblr post was inane, unfunny, and definitely not canon; and that his blog as a whole did not reflect well on his character.  Which had nothing to do with whether or not the gripe that prompted him to excrete that thing (as some sort of half-baked reductio ad absurdum protest against mod rulings) had any validity (and it still didn't).

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    • Now that you've reminded me that comment history can be checked, things make a lot more sense. I hadn't realized just how much had been leading up to this. The reaction just shocked me because frankly the post didn't seem altogether more wrong or offensive than a lot of things I've seen posted to the board, which are generally ignored.

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