aka 112

  • I live in on a hill, but not in a hole
  • My occupation is Existence
  • I am a Sinner like you

Does it say Inactive beside my username? Let it not bother you, for I am active elsewhere.

You know how to find me. You know what you have to do.

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  • Just out of curiosity what brought you to my wall and did u need anything or just saying hi

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  • Hi there, MF112

    Would it be possible for you to add the sourcing and licensing for the images that you just uploaded?


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    • Fruipit wrote: I think the 'origin' is the direct URL of the image (or your username if you created it), and the 'source' is the name of the actual artist.

      Not quite: the origin parameter is to be filled in with a direct url to the place on the internet where you found the image (or a background if you drew something over it or whatever), while the source parameter is used to indicate the substantial source the image came from (DVD/TV/HD or in some cases, we also use that to indicate from which comic the image came). If you've made the image yourself, you just add an extra parameter "artist" and that is where your name goes.

      @Mixedfiction112: As for how to correctly source your images, more information can be found on the {{imagebox}} template, the S.O.S. editing guide, the image policy, and the fanon starters guide.

      In general, this is what you need to know:

      | description = 
      | film        = 
      | series      = 
      | season      = 
      | episode     = 
      | source      = 
      | origin      = 
      | cats        = 
      | license     = 

      The above is the standard imagebox that you need to add to the file's page and fill out in order to license it correctly. There are several parameters, and each one has its own way of being filled out.

      1. Description: A short description of the image, preferably with some context.
        • This means that you just have to briefly described what is visible in the picture. Note, you don't say what the image is used for, you say what it actually is in it's original context. For example, if I were to use an image of Korra waterbending in my fanon to cover a character name Shanti, the description still has to read something in the lines of "Korra waterbending" and not "Shanti wanterbending".
      2. Film: use numerals (1-3).
        • This refers to The Last Airbender film, so unless you use an image taken from that movie, you don't use numerals here. However, if you have taken an image from let's say The Lion King, you can write it down here as well, and then the words will show up, indicating the movie you took the image from.
      3. Series: 1 for Avatar: The Last Airbender; 2 for The Legend of Korra;
        • Same as with the movie, only use the numerals if you have taken your image from either series. If you took it from another series, just write down the name of it.
      4. Season: use numerals (1-3).
        • Even if you're not dealing with an image from either Avatar show, you can still just write down the number of the season you took the episode from. It will then just remain a number in the imagebox, but that's okay.
      5. Episode: use numerals (1-21).
        • The numerals here will only work if you have filled in a numeral for the "series" parameter, meaning that they will only work when you're dealing with an image from either Avatar shows. If you are dealing with an image taken from another series, you just write down the name of the episode the image is taken from.
      6. Source: "HD" for High Definition captures; "DVD" for DVD captures; "TV" for TV screenshots.
        • Pretty straight forward as well.
      7. Origin: If taken from other site, state it like so: [url Site Name].
        • If you haven't taken the screenshot yourself, this is one of the most important parameters to fill out. Just copy/paste the link to the place on the other site where you found the image. Note, it needs to a direct link to the place where the image is, not a general link to the site as a whole.
      8. Cats: subjects appearing on the image (e.g. Aang|Katara|Sokka|).
        • If your image does not detail anything related to Avatar, you can leave this empty.
      9. License:
        • This is the most important part of licensing and must always be filled out. There are several licenses that you can use, but I'll list the one's you're most likely to use at some point.
        1. "canon" for non-free images of the series;
          • You'll use this licensing whenever you upload an image taken from either Avatar show and it is to be used on one of the canon pages.
        2. "fanon" for non-free images of the series used only on fanon pages;
          • This licensing will be used for any image you use on a fanon page that comes from either the Avatar series, another series, or a movie.
        3. "fanon-self" for non-free, user-made drawings used on fanon pages;
          • This licensing is for fan-art that is based on a copyright protected movie or series. Basically, every drawing or computer-made image that is made by yourself (or another artist, like someone on DeviantArt or Tumblr or whatever) that has made fan-art from something in Avatar or from another series/movie will receive this category.
        4. "self" for self-made images that are not based on anything in the Avatar universe and can be shared though with proper attribution;
          • This licensing is also for fan-art images, though it is for the ones that have nothing to do with copyright protected material. So you'll use this whenever you've uploaded and used an image made by yourself or someone else of something like a tree or a completely self-made person that has no Avatar-inspiration clothing wise or whatever.
      10. artist:
        • Although not standard a part of the imagebox coding, as it is only relevant for when you're licensing a fanart image, you should manually add an addition parameter artist to credit the artist responsible.
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    • Oh oh I got it! Thanks a lot LL and Frui! XD 

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    • An anonymous contributor
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  • You have a cool username lol. So, do you like a lot of other shows and fiction?

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    • But he's a very well written bad guy.

      As for the animation, I haven't seen such good animation except for anime itself and the show "The Boondocks" XD

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    • How?

      Yeah, animation's still good. but they could have hand-drawn the cg stuff too >P

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    • An anonymous contributor
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  • hey mixedfiction! can i call you mixed for short? so a little birdie told me you can draw...would you be interested in being the illustrator for Spirits of the Shadow? SotS ( is a group fanon involving myself, the air nomad critic, and a few other users from this wiki. we've been looking to have our characters drawn for some time now, and would love it if you could help us out!

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    • This reply has been removed
    • got it!

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    • An anonymous contributor
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  • This is an automated message to those users wishing to be alerted as to the actions taken regarding the fanfiction article, When Past Meets Present. At 2,183 words, the latest chapter has been released, and you can turn your browsers to it by clicking this link here:

    Click this sentence.

    Due to technical difficulties in the wiring of Fruipit's brain, this chapter is shorter and has taken longer to release than anticipated. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Thank you.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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  • Seriously, that's some cool stuff right there.

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    Seriously though it was just spectacular! I'm not posting anything yet (just incase you didn't see it) but I'm expecting your opinion!!!

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    • Have a great time!

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    • Thanks!

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    • An anonymous contributor
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  • .. because my dad had to stop by to get groceries on the way home. I hate my life!

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    • Well..... Beginnings was awesome!!!!!!

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    • And it sure has to be as awesome as you say it is.. or I'll get back at you for making me expect too much! XD

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    • An anonymous contributor
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  • Sorry 112, the information has already been covered here.

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  • Are we not posting comments on threads anymore for the time being?

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    • I see.

      Take a look! I give it a thumbs up.

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    • Hahahahaha love it!!!!

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    • An anonymous contributor
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